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YouTube Sensational - Leena Kale Journey of Recipes

Leena Godbole Kale Born and brought up in Nashik and currently residing in Singapore for past few years.

She completed graduation in IT and moved to Pune after marriage.

Her interest in Teaching especially the needy, I spent about 8 years teaching in schools or private(Online) in Pune and Singapore.

She says,

"She loves to cook and share,her family and friends loves the dishes which she prepares. She enjoys exploring different dishes and also experimenting with new flavors.

It all started during a Lock down period of Covid. Thought came in my mind why not make use of this time and share my cooking experience with my family and friends.

So I created a Food Blog on Facebook (Leena's Flavours) and started posting recipes with pictures. I got a very good response & feedback from all my friends and many of them suggested that I should make videos of recipes which will make recipes very easy to understand and better experience. Thats how I started my Youtube Channel. People loved my recipes and i got many appreciation. That kept me motivated to come with many more recipes.

I try to share simple, easy recipes with easily available ingredients at home. I also ensure to make my recipes more innovative by adding my own flavours to it.

Many of them tried my recipes and shared a good feedbacks which help me to continue with my journey.. "

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