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Zwigato- A reality check on Delivery Patners

A film , with many efforts , and a reality check on delivery patner , about their life , their patience , their internal struggle , their family , their mental health , their physical health , their unlimited time span of fast deliveries, is the film Zwigato.

The film reflects the exact conditions of a delivery boy, frustated , his struggle for a penny , actually a normal delivery boy routine , which any delivery man can relate , is film Zwigato.

We see Mr. Kapil Sharma , in lead with Shahana Goswami as Partner in the film. The film is produced by Viacom 18 Studios, with Applause Entertainment and Nandita Das Initatives.

After a successful journey of "Manto" , the director went on to discover the life games of a delivery boy , directing this her as her latest one.

Some facts , noted in this movie stats , that 90% of the film , Kapil is on his bike and ready for Delivery to various parts of the city . It was very exciting as well as somewhat discomforting to see him in a serious genre , away and completely upside down of what he does on Television. A different role , a different perspective.

Thw film is written by Samir Patil and Nandita Das , where it is also directed by Nandita Das with Director of Photography (DOP) as Ranjan Palit. Although , the movie is too good , it wins to keep sustaining the process of the showing the feelings , the exact conversation and the key points of any common delivery patner. It is said that a hope keeps any man just trying to push his limites for a better life , and is exactly what the director tries to tell , in this film.

Supporting characters are good , and have done their part the best. The film was premiered at TIFF 2022, which is an also a great success for this movie. If you are a struggler or you know the exact pain behind the struggler's life and really interested to know more about it , you can watch this movie.

It is rated 7.7/10 on IIMDb .


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