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Zombie turned the city into Zombivili

While, this is the first Zom-Com film in Marathi Film Industry, the writer and director has made a great effort to put the film in first place. Talking about the script, it is written well and each and each point should be given credit. The story carries an effortless try to make Dombivili, a Zombie city.

The infection spreads like air, and each person is turning Zombie. Sudhir (Amey Wagh) and Sapna (Vaidehi Parshurami), are a happy couple and eager to welcome their new baby in the world.

While Sudhir is working in a water bottle company, managing the tantrums of the colleagues and bosses. The story continues in the first scene only, and we can see the horror-zombie in the some first scenes only.

The introduction of Lalit Prabhakar (Vishwas) and his second character Jaggu is a worth to see. Vishwas is a leader of Slum area of Janta Nagar.

The story continues and in no time whole building where Sudhir and Sapna are living turn into Zombie.

The comedy scenes in the car , showing the zombies the photos of god, also Lalit asking whether this disease is after eating Chinese, makes us laughs in the film.

Talking about the zombies, each and every character of zombie has done full-mark role. Right from makeup till the action, the credit has to be given to the characters.

As the story, continues further we get to know the exact reason of why this disease has spread widely?

All in one we can a perfect movie to watch. Acting Perfect. Timing Perfect, the songs are keeping us engage with the music and lyrics. If you are interested in Zom-Com movie, this film is for you. Do watch in theatres near you .

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