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XtraOrdiNAARI - A women centric platform

XtraOrdiNAARI is a woman centric community which transcends age, education, and cultural divide. They organise fund raising events for their Xtraordinaari Foundation. They provide free education to underprivileged via their initiative called as Mobile School Abhiyaan.

All this started via Facebook where there is an event every 2/3 months. It's the most versatile platform in the world for NAARIs and their children.

Un-Model Hunt Season 2 had a spectacular showdown with their Saree Fashion Show. The Saree, is an essential element in the wardrobe of women. Some like it, some love it, some hate it. But, Karuna flipped the traditional Saree. The contestants draped that lovely flowy fabric very beautifully. This was a UNique opportunity for women to show their creativity and a knack for twisting shapes.

Designer Archana Sakergayen's Mahishmati and Dreamsz Kollections showcased Sarees in every way possible.

Karuna Arpana Prasad Sankhe who is the founder of XtraOrdiNAARI conceptualized this fashion show. Everyone loved the thought behind it. The team consisting of Roshni Thakur, Harsha Kadam and Nitu Pandorwala helped each and every contestant to shine in the contest.

The program had lovely guests like Social Activist Rekha Gaur,Roopa Pinto & Voice over Artist Parul Bhatnagar, who supported the contestants fully and even walked the ramp with them.

This show gave the ladies a chance to not just walk the ramp in a lovely Saree but they also got a chance to be in a print shoot for the label. This is a great opportunity for them to flaunt their beauty and grace.

The most important takeaway from this program is that there were no rules for the pageant, no age, no height, no weight bar for the contestants. Every contestant's beauty shone through. The age of the contestants ranged from 22 years to 60 years. This modelling event was a dream come true for many women.

The program sponsors NAABI fashions, VastuShree, Prathamesh Catering, LuPin Diagnostics and Hitankshi Hospital have been the program's backbone and have helped the event in many ways.

Make up artists from different walks of life joined in to help us. Make Overs by Pallavi, Dee. J Makeup Academy, Rajshri Beauty Salon, Ankita Makeovers and Niky Dubey their make up and styling made the contestant's glow. It also got support of Neel Writes as Media Patner.

This show was entirely organised by XtraOrdiNAARI. Founder of XtraOrdiNAARI Karuna came up with the concept with the help of her team organised it and did every little thing to make the contest shine.

Through this event, Karuna fused tradition and modernity and gave a very modern twist. She wanted to bring back the simple sari into fashion. She showcased that women from all ages can wear the sari and the fact that it shouldn't disappear completely from our lives.

3 women organised this show and made it possible and super successful. The women did this with a love of life and pure joy. This fashion show was UNique, full of smiles and was a show full of life.

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