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Webseries Review- Taali

Updated: Aug 19, 2023


A Biography of Transgender and Activist Gauri Sawant, which shows the struggles and appreciation throughout her journey of Ganesh to Gauri. The series shows her process of self - identification and her firmness towards each perspective of society and her colleagues.


  • Sushmita Sen as Shreegauri Sawant

  • Ankur Bhatia

  • Aishwarya Narkar

  • Nandu Madhav

  • Hemangi Kavi

  • Suvrat Joshi

  • Krutika Deo as a young Ganesh Sawant

  • Nitish Rathore

  • Meenakshi Chugh

  • Shaan Kakkar

  • Hemant Choudhary

Exact Review :

"Taali," the latest web series, offers a powerful and heartfelt narrative that delves into the remarkable journey of Shri Gauri Sawant, portrayed brilliantly by Sushmita Sen. The series sheds light on the transformative struggle of Gauri, a transgender activist in India, who tenaciously fought for the legal rights and equality of the transgender community.

The story unfolds in a captivating manner, tracing Gauri's evolution from her schoolboy days as Ganesh Sawant, depicted by the talented Krutika Deo, to her identity as Gauri Sawant. This transition is not just a physical one but an emotional and societal transformation that the series handles with sensitivity and grace.

Khsitij Patwardhan's screenplay is a standout feature of "Taali." It masterfully weaves together the layers of Gauri's life, portraying her challenges, triumphs, and personal growth. The dialogues resonate deeply, capturing both the pain of discrimination and the strength of Gauri's spirit. The series engages viewers through its thought-provoking conversations, which highlight the importance of acceptance and understanding.

Director Ravi Jadhav's skilful direction brings Gauri's story to life authentically and movingly. His careful attention to detail and ability to evoke genuine emotions from the cast contribute to the series' compelling narrative. Jadhav's vision ensures that the story's message of equality and inclusivity is delivered with impact.

This web series was brought to life by the collaborative efforts of creator Arjun Singh Baran and Karik D Nishandar producers Gseams Production. Through their collaboration, they have successfully turned an innovative concept into a captivating on-screen experience for viewers to enjoy.

Sushmita Sen's portrayal of Gauri Sawant is a tour de force. With her nuanced performance, she captures Gauri's vulnerabilities, determination, and unwavering spirit. Sen's acting adds depth to the character, making Gauri's journey relatable and inspiring.

Krutika Deo, portraying the younger Ganesh, beautifully weaves a journey of self-discovery, as Ganesh embraces their true identity, finding joy in donning bangles, dancing freely in women's dresses, and adorning the ornaments of empowerment. A nuanced portrayal that resonates with authenticity and courage.

Survat Joshi as Munna shattered stereotypes with a remarkable portrayal of a transgender character, exuding authenticity through impeccable acting, attire, and body language, while his poignant connection with Gauri Sawant added depth to the performance. A transformative role that showcased both his acting prowess and dedication to breaking boundaries.

Aishwarya Narkar shines as a mother embracing a journey of understanding and acceptance, as she navigates the complexities of her son Ganesh's transition into Gauri in the heartwarming portrayal that captures the essence of unconditional love and growth.

"Nandu Madhav's character in Taali, a devoted father, grapples with helplessness as he watches his son Ganesh's transformation into Transgender Gauri post his wife's demise, struggling to navigate a society that challenges his understanding of family and identity."

Ankur Bhatia shines in the Taali web series, embodying a passionate Gay Activist who stands by Gauri, empowering the transgender community by fostering confidence and unity in the journey to create a home for all. His portrayal is a testament to unwavering support and solidarity.

"Taali" shines as a remarkable web series that not only tells an essential story of social change but does so with exceptional storytelling, screenplay, and direction. The series encapsulates Gauri Sawant's fight for transgender rights in India, her personal growth, and the significance of embracing one's true self. It's a moving testament to the power of resilience and the impact of a single individual's dedication to making a difference.

With an IMDb rating of 8.8/10, it is streaming free on Jio Cinema. Do watch.

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