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Webseries Review- Poacher

The series shows the viewers the heart of Kerala jungles and sheds light on the dark underworld of poaching, particularly elephant tusks. The series not only captivates but also drives the attention of the audience to the harsh realities faced by wildlife and the political dynamics that affect conservation efforts.

The series is plotted in Kerala forests, where the activities of poachers get active and many elephants are their targets. The center of the story shows Mala, the character portrayed by Nimisha Sajayan who communicates the harsh truths of jungle life, and then the investigation starts. Along with her, Dibyendu Bhattacharya who portrays the character of Neel, an officer with no-nonsense behavior is the classic role.

Nimisha Sajayan's portrayal of Mala is engaging and poignant, bringing the struggles of a woman fighting to protect the environment. Dibyendu shines as Neel, inoculating the character with both gravitas and humor making him stand out in the series. The cast also includes Roshan Mathew, Ankith Madhav, and Kani Kusruthi, who deliver commendable performances, adding depth to the narrative.

The series not only exposes the brutality of poaching but also shows the politics and corruption that come with it hand-in-hand. The series also navigates us through environmental conservation and, the bond between humans and animals.

Talking about technical aspects, the cinematography of the series is breathtaking. It captures the beauty of the forest. From the drone shots to closeups, each frame is crafted very well. The scene where the jump-crossing scene of some deer and one that shows the stopping of the car to allow birds to pass shows the commitment of the director and the portrayal of love and respect for nature.

The series is directed by Richi Mehta, and written by Suparotim Sengupta and Amrita Bagchi. The series is produced by AQC Entertainment Productions, Suitable Pictures, Poor Man's Production, and Eternal Sunshine Productions. Moreover, it is a surprising package to see Actor Alia Bhatt as the Executive Director of the series.

Overall, with its gripping storyline, outstanding performances, and brilliant visuals, the series leaves a lasting impact and gives us a reminder call to protect nature and our planet's resources. With an IMDb rating of 7.6/10, it is streaming on Amazon Prime Video. Do watch.

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