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Webseries Review- Hustlers

In vast streaming platforms, Amazon Mini TV tries to bring some new and fresh content to the audience and one of them is the show " Hustlers". A series that shows the lives of students who want to turn their careers and challenge opportunities, creating businesses and startups that define their destiny. The series stars cast led by Vishal Vahishtha, Meherzan Mazda, Samir Kochhar, Anurag Arora, Anjali Barot, Anubha Fateh Puria, and Amman Uppal. The series shows the journey of struggle, innovation, and pursuit of success.

The heart of the " Hustler" is the exploration of real-life inspired stories, where these " Hustlers" - try to connect their passion with dedication, passion, and creativity. The series also makes us realize that no external power can stop you until you don't say " I Quit".

Vishal Vaishishtha leads the cast as a character named Sanjay Sharma, with energy and authenticity in his character. The rest of the cast also shows solid performances, bringing characters to life. The series also sheds light on the struggle of an engineering student, depicting how they tackle each situation, and try to maintain their colleges, exams, hostel life, private life, and family.

The main aspect of this series is to encourage students to connect with innovation, creativity, and a hustler's mindset, which the series has sucessfully done it. It also conveys a message to students and parents to try some things out of their comfort zone and confront failure, while parents support their children in their decisions.

Talking about technical aspects, the series is directed by Harsh Dedhia, story and screenplay are by Karan Narvekar and Rahul Patel. The dialogues are written by Khush Mullick and Veer Panchal. The series is produced by Anuraag Shrivastava.

The IMDb rating of the series is 6.3/10.

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