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Webseries Review - HALF CA

Introduction: Another series from TVF, streaming on Amazon Mini TV, which shows the struggle of CA's and also gives us life knowledge.


  • Rohit Tiwari. As: Ranka Sir.

  • Ahsaas Channa. As: Archie Mehta.

  • Prit Kamani. As: Tejas Kaushik.

  • Manu Bisht. As: Disha.

  • Gyanendra Tripathi. As: Niraj Goyal.

  • Rohan Joshi. As: Parth.

  • Anmol Kajani. As: Vishal Jain.

  • Menekka Arora. Role: Archie's Mother.

  • Vanita Kharat. Role: LandLady

and many more...

Exact Review:

The web series depicts the life of a Chartered Accountant with two stories, one in which a boy is an aspirant for CA, while a girl who takes admitted to a CA course. These two stories are shown simultaneously and get interconnected in the following episodes. The role played by Ahsaas Channa as Archie shows a girl who is excited as well as serious about her studies related to CA and Gyanendra Tripathi plays the role of Niraj Goyal, who has tried his luck in CA for almost 5 to 6 years and is eagerly waiting for his CA Finals to be clear.

Both these stories, get interconnect and shows emotions with the importance of studies, life and most important the value of being a Chartered Accountant. The basic things like scheduling the timetable for study, the difference between confidence and overconfidence for study, the distractions, the family pressure, friends zone, chill zone to a studious zone are simple yet smartly with appropriate emotions are shown on screen, which touches our hearts and connects us within to various situation related to us in our current phase.

We also get to know about the importance of life, where we are shown the importance of healthy competition, the right understanding with the right guidance, the importance of teachers in our life, a studious mindset, sorrows, sacrifices, classrooms, etc. These would connect to the audience as every person watching this series, would go back to school and college life and connect with some or other memory.

Technical Aspects:

The Script - Story and Screenplay has done magic on-screen with characters and dialogues. The TVF has heart-hitting stories through which they capture the audience's heart with emotional touch and the importance of life. The Story is by Harish Peddinti, CA Khushbu Baid, Tatsat Pandey and Arunbh Kumar, while the screenplay and dialogues are by CA Khushbu Baid. The series is directed by Pratish Mehta and is produced by Arunabh Kumar.

Overall, a series to watch by everyone is streaming free on Amazon Mini Tv, with an IMDb rating of 8.8/10.

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