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Ved- Madness for love

Its very late to watch , but finally did it.

A movie , which changed the overview of Marathi Film Industry , which changed the defination of madness , which changed defination of love , and also crossed 75Cr worldwide collection.

Basically , it it a remake of a Majili , a telgu film , a romantic sports drama film. We see Ritesh Deshmukh and Genilia Deshmukh playing as main characters as Husband and Wife. Produced by Mumbai Film Company particularly Genilia Deshmukh and directed by Ritesh Deshmukh.

The story is about love , and characters Satya Jadhav aka Ritesh and Genilia aka Shravani Jadhav and Jiya Shankar aka Nisha.

The film depicts tremendous emotions and affection, yet it has Ilogical screenplay, with reconnecting dots of past and present. As a direction debut of Ritesh Desmukh , he has done a good job ,and made a film which literally made public dance in theatres on songs.

Talking about the acting , Ritesh has a nice performance , while genilia seems average, especially her acsent of Marathi , and somewhat overacting fail to keep the screenplay tight.

We see a role , which is played smartly and after interval it is just disapperad without any background story which is Nisha aka Jaya Shankar. It is a one and the only role which made this movie watchable. But taking a cinematic liberity maybe or for any reason , her story of disapperance is not mentioned , which is a drawback of the movie.

A main character after the pair of main roles, is Mr. Ashok Saraf, a decent role yet a father figure role , which backed the movie in many ways. Role of Vidyadhar Joshi and Shubhankar Tawade are also nice which made the movie , more interesting to watch.

Action sequences and fighting are best. Audience did and would enjoy seing the fight sequences.

Overall, a decent movie to watch . It is rated 7.7/10 on IMDb.

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