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Vaalvi - A fantastic Dark Comedy Film

Vaalvi is a one of the best dark comedy movie in Marathi Film Industry. The movie stars Swapnil Joshi as Aniket, Anita Date-Kelkar as Avani (Aniket’s wife), Shivani Surve as Devika (Aniket’s girlfriend) and Subodh Bhave as Dr. Anshuman.

The plot line is fantastic and mind - blowing. To get rid of his wife, Aniket plans to murder his wife Avani , who is under mental trauma. The process of murdering and the twists and turns in the story , is hilarious.

Marathi Film Industry has made various try and tested films , from which this is one going par above expections of the audience. The exact meaning of the title of the movie , reveals at the climax which is too good.

Talking about the writing and direction , it is marvellous. Paresh Mokashi made it a classic dark comedy , which is unimaginable at some twists in the movie. The creative producer Pranita Bhure has a major hand in presenting the movie in a manner of which it is now. The story , screenplay by Madhugandha Kulakrni and Paresh Mokashi , has literally made audience shock with the charcters and their invovlment in the film .

The comedy part is just amazing. Comedy is based on the timings and literally it has made this film worth watch. We literally fall in the state of confusion whether it is Planned Murder / sucide . It has base of dark comedy which is soild. Least Marathi movies , have made it successful to present a dark comedy , in such a way , where Vaalvi stands out extraodinary.

Subhod Bhave just adds a taste to the comedy and makes a major twist in the movie. Anita Date- Kelkar and Shivani Surve are class actress and have made it possible to define their role in a great manner. Swapnil Joshi too carried his character flawlessly.

Moreover , the Art Direction and the Titles of the movie should be given credit for making such a creative presentation and keeping contiunity in the creative input towards the scenes and the core of the movie.

Zee Studios and Zee Music are setting an example by supporting such innovative and creative mindset of the writer and directors to invest as Producers. Madhugandha Kulkarni who is one of the main person behind such an tremendous story too made it better by supporting as Producer.

Overall , a great movie to watch. If you are really interested in watching a Dark Comedy with an creative approach towards the film , it is this film to watch. It is streaming on Zee5.

It is rated 8.6/10 on IMDb

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