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Treatment, Training,Awareness is the key of suceess of zero Mission Snake Bite Death

Dr Raut Sadanand Dagadu

MD Gen Med

Consultant Physician n Toxinologist

Address : Vighnahar Nursing Home Narayangaon

Email : drrauts@

In our country 50- 60 thousand people die annually due to snake bite and many more get physically and mentally handicapped permanently. Dr. Sadanand Raut and Dr. Mrs. Pallavi Raut are working day and night since last 35 years for poor snake bite victims. He is not only saving lives of snake bite victims but also saving families of these patients as most of this victims are young earning members of their families. WHO has included name of Dr. Raut as a Member Roster of Experts for Snakebite Envenomation. This will help to use his knowledge and expertise in this filed all over India and World He had started very challenging Mission Zero Snakebite Death Project and also working as a District Coordinator for the ICMR Task Force on Snakebite. He carries out training programs for doctors across country. Most important part of this mission is in addition to treating patients he is involved in mass public awareness from poor tribals to Doctors, Scientist and stake holders all over the world. Workshops for government paramedical staff, forest officers, medical students and private doctors. Even during the Covid 19 pandemic period he continued his work and treated many patients of suicidal insecticide poisoning and myocardial infarction.

He is regularly organizing health checkup camps and public awareness programs in remote and tribal villages.

His continous aim to reach people :

Dr. Raut is organizing regularly lectures and workshops for rural doctors and public awareness programs, widely covered in newspaper, television and digital platforms. He is continuously engaged in social work and actively involved in many other social activities organized by organization like lions clubs, Rotary Clubs etc.

Dr. Sadanand Raut and his wife Dr. Pallavi Raut are working with zeal and dedication for the poor rural and tribal people.They have dedicated their life for the poor snake bite victims. They have prepared Documentry MISSION IMPOSSIBLE based on thier 35 yrs service ,which is well appreciated by Toxinologists, Doctors, scientist & other stake holders working in this field. According to them this is a role model for India and should be replicated all over the world.

His awakening duty for people:

He is instrumental in starting first rural critical care center and Dialysis unit at a small village Narayangaon

Before he made himself available in Narayangaon, snake bite patients had to be carried to Pune for treatment. Most of the time patients had succumbed to death during the travel itself. After Dr. Raut started practice at Narayangaon and established is specialised facilities, he noticed with great pain that the patients died for want of right and timely treatment. He started his mission " ZERO SNAKE BITE MISSION" to ensure that no person dies of a snake bite. This was not just a slogan, but was a mission in real, backed up by unshakable commitment. Dr. Sadanand Raut achieved this within a shortest of time and now all the patients get a timely, right and spirited treatment. No wonder he is considered a Godly figure by the tribals and rural people.

A responsible, knowledgeable medical profession who has made most of the modern facilities available in a moffusil area, who has made treatment for snake bite available near the tribal population, who is spirited, who treats patients with quite a reasonable fee and treats absolutely free those who cannot afford to pay.saved more than 5700 lives,prevented amputations and minimum complications like kidney failure

Extraodinary Acheivements:

He had taken initiative to start first blood bank in our area which is at present helping all doctors to save many lives. Organized many lectures, seminars for rural medical Practioners. This includes seminar on AIDs, Cardiac problems, Emergency Management at primary level, snake bite management etc. Active participation in various services performed by Lions Club.Held many post as a cabinet officer in lions Dist 323 D2 including Zone and region chairperson. His fine work includes providing critical medical services in village areas of Maharashtra, establishment of the first Rural Critical Care Center, Dialysis Unit and Cardiac Ambulance, establishing the Vighnahar Medical Foundation through which he Regularly organizing free Medical Health checkup camps (General & multispecialty), Free of cost investigations like blood sugar, Hb%, ECG, PAP Smear etc, Free Medicines given to needy patients. Till now more than300000 patients examined in various camps. Camps organized in tribal area Junnar & Ambegaon.

His Lecture Series spreads along world :

Pune, Baramati,Shahapur ,Jalgaon in Mah and Mysore,Hyd,Banglore,Tejpur Asam,Kolkata West Bengal

Other countries like Adeliade UNI

Australia,Oxford uni UK ,Nepal international conf,NNN conf Nepal,IST conf Abu Dhabi

He is Associated with:

Lions clubs international ,Rotary clubs

JTMPA,Indian Medical Associal ,Indian society of Toxinology,Indian society of critical care medicine ISCCM,API

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