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Timepass 3 - An unknown story of a Love Story

The Marathi Film Industry are coming up with excellent projects and Timepass 3 is one of them. This film has 2 sequels before describing the love between Dagdu and Prajakta. This story is after Praju left Dagdu.

The film, directed by Ravi Jadhav, promises full entertainment and a proper story and screenplay. We saw the role of Ketki Mategaonkar in 1st part, Priya Bapat in the 2nd and we are going to see Hruta Durgule in 3rd one.

Hruta's latest film, Ananya had a tremendous response, which was Produced by Ravi Jadhav and directed by Pratap Phad. Her role in Ananya and Timepass 3 are two poles of acting, which is well-established in TP3.

Hruta's rowdy look and language are the pillars of her role in TP3. She has carried the fluency of the role to the next level. Especially her word "Phapa" is popular throughout the movie. She has different shades in her role, which are being carried amazingly.

Prathmesh Parab is a young and versatile actor to watch for. Right from his first movie, he has done fantastic roles, and it is possible to remain in the limelight of the audience always, and that helped him to carry the Dagdu's role prominently.

We see a new character of "Phapha" aka Dinkar Patil played by Sanjay Narvekar excellently. The "Bhai" role suits him and his body language in the film gives us a comedy touch to the role he played, which is appreciable.

Vaibhav Mangale, made it point to carry the graph of the role on a higher pitch and take the screenplay and story to the sky performing his " Shakaal" aka Madhavrao Lele role.

The characters of Kombada, Balbharti, Chanda, etc with-Maharashtra chi Hasya Jatra fame Sameer Chowgule in it are fabulous.

The dialogues are good. The plot of the story and the climax looks promising. There are unexpected twists and turns in the movie, which are interesting to watch.

Overall, a threequel to watch for with a fourth sequel coming soon is an entertainment pack with a super-duper cast. Do watch it on Zee5.

It is rated 7.3/10 on IMDB.

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