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Ti Phulrani - Story of Lower Middle Class Girl

What a story ! What a plot ! and what a film. After watching it in theatres , still the famous dialogue of Shevanta " Three-time beuty Queen, Jhaga Maga Mala Baga " is making happy and energtic.

We see electrifying actors like Subhod Bhave , Late Vikram Gokhale , Priydarshini Indalkar as Phulrani , and a side cameo of Sayali Sanjeev in the film.

A plot of movie ,is interesting a florist turned into Beauty Peagant Model , and her struggle and actions taken towards her winning possiblities , is the story of Ti Phulrani.

We see Subhod Bhave as Vikram Rajyadhksh , who has done a good job by performing. His role of being CEO of VR model agency ,shows a man with self -obession and fight for win. His films make us laugh, learn and also many twists.

The story build ups in first 10 minutes only ,and we see a major scene, which automatically starts co-relating with the whole movie.

The writing and direction by Vishwas Joshi is " Superbb" . Basically , what an film demands is appreciating audience and this film deserves that.

Talking about the main character , by which the film is surrounded is Shewanta Tandel aka Phulwali acted by Priydarshini Indalkar. What an actor she is ! Her performances from Maharashtrachi Hasya Jatra , made the auidence like her , and the comedy timings are perfect.

We can say an Underdog actress did a boom in Marathi Film Industry ! She carried her character very well and acted beautifully.

Side characters included Milind Shinde as Shewanta's father , Gaurav Malvankar as a Koliwada guy, Sushant Shelar have done their role worth watching and supportive. The story is simple and sweet. Music is nice , BGM at times keep engaging . The songs are viral .

Basically the movie tells us to Keep Your Orginality ,Keep it Simple.

The movie has interesting climax , which we can expect off. It would have been different , but it doesnt affect the moral of the movie.

Overall , a decent movie to watch , with some facts of life. It is rated 9.6/10 on IMDb. Do watch in theatres near you.

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