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ThinkerPlace announces its expansion to international borders

ThinkerPlace is an Ed-Tech platform that provides end-to-end learning solutions for students through their S.T.E.M-based educational DIY toys. They have been pioneers in bringing about a change in the field of education in the country through their S.T.E.M learning methodology and are now proud to announce an expansion to international borders. The Rehla Academy Makerspace (TRAM), a S.T.E.M and Innovation hub at The Rehla Academy, recently signed an MOU with ThinkerPlace - India in Partnership with TechGen Africa to set up S.T.E.M & Innovation Labs at TRA, Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Since its conception, ThinkerPlace’s primary focus has always been on bringing about awareness of the S.T.E.M learning methodology. ‘Learning beyond books has been their motto and they have stayed true to it by giving many students the opportunity to learn in a more holistic, experiential, practical, innovative, and creative manner through their educational DIY toys. That’s not all, the ThinkerPlace labs that have been set up across the country have inculcated important skills in students like developing a design mindset, computational thinking, adaptive learning, and physical computing among many others. “The field of education is undergoing a huge transformation. Each day we realize just how much this change is goal-oriented to the future, and a lot of time and dedication needs to be given to this. So far, the response ThinkerPlace has received in our country has truly been such a booster to do more and a testament that it is helping students across. This next milestone in our journey- the association with TRAM is a step toward building more S.T.E.M labs around the world. We are certain that this association is going to empower the new generation of young Nigerian innovators toward socio-economic growth, and digital and sustainable development in Africa and beyond”, says Mrs. Deepti N. Sharma, Director, ThinkerPlace.

The labs will feature state-of-the-art STEM packages such as 3D Printing, robotic lab, automation Lab, drone lab, and general STEM lab among others. The S.T.E.M innovation labs will also have a curriculum that will include students of all grades- right from kindergarten, to secondary, and post-secondary. TRAM has been determined to foster problem-based learning, hands-on learning, 21st-century skills, and a host of other soft skills such as creative problem solving, team works, critical thinking, emotional intelligence, communication & collaboration skills, entrepreneurship, creative writing, and digital literacy all of which aligns with ThinkerPlace’s vision.

Through this association, ThinkerPlace and TRAM will certainly be giving the students in this continent an opportunity to learn and excel in the field of academics in the most fun and holistic manner.


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