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THANK GOD- Truth of Life

This is the movie which is meant for everyone for learning out life lessons for every person. It is staright simple movie which helps to understand good and bad things.

With T series music and direction by Indra Kumar , this film is offical remake of Danish film Sorte Kuglar, and producers Bhushan Kumar, Anand Pandit, Ashok Thakeria, Krishan Kumar, Deepak Mukut, Sunir Kheterpal and Markand Adhikari

The Story is based on game of life , where Aayan Kapoor has to clear task to save his life by completing task.

This is a fantasy comedy drama film , which depicts truths of life , our behaviour , our way of thinking , way of believing.

We see CG aka Chitra Gupt's role by Ajay Devgan , which is stylish and thus a strict one , who is non biased , and also makes decison on Aayan's answers and results of tasks.

The film has a saying , "What comes around, goes around", whichis true and all of us mostly face this in a direct and indirect way.

Talking about performance characters ,

Siddharth Malhotra , made it point to stay on his negative aspect and a mischivous business man , who has debt on his head, and needs to clear that.

Rakul Preet Singh, playing his wife aka Ruhi Kapoor , tries to maintain balance in their relationships. Her love towards Aayan, her care , and her compassion towards her daughter would make us feel emotional.

There are supporting characters such as Aayan's mother played by Seema Pahwa , Kanwaljeet Singh as his father, who are just a cameo type characters , but their apperance do make a twist in the film.

The film through every task, teaches us the truths of life, where lies , envy, jealousy, greediness, backstabing are the main points covered, and CG takes us through the journey of Aayan's life , where we can figure out comparing it to our life of what is right , and what is wrong.

Urmila Kothare as Siddharath's sister was a surprise package.

Talking about the VFX , the team has made it a point to do it as best as they can. The setup , grandure, are absolutely awesome.

Overall , a one time watch movie, is in theatres, with currently IMDb rating of 6.6/10 and currently box collection of 8.10CR on opening day , and now with 14.10 CR in two days. Do Watch.

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