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Taaza Khabar - News and Bhuvan Bam

I am late! But I am Direct! January of 2023, brought new ideas and energy to live covid free life again, and movies and web series did continue to entertain us through the various OTT platforms.

Such one series, of a famous YouTuber who made us fresh, is Taaza Khabar.

The plot is simple to understand, and it keeps remain intact. Bhuvan Bam gets a news application, through which he makes sure he is always profitable. The series is of 6 episodes, which start with the 1st one, Khabardar.

The series has more cast like Shriya Pilgonakar, Prathmesh Parab, Devan Bhojani, Shilpa Shukla etc.

The story is good, and the screenplay is attractive and exciting. Writers Hussain Dalal, and Abbas Dalal, concept by Aziz Dadal, have made it possible to craft this series, with director Himank Gaur.

The story keeps engaging and Bhuvan has done an excellent job. Shriya Pilgaonkar has made her role attractive in front of the screen. The series shows all characteristics of a man like jealousy, envy, anger, love, and lust, but in a unique way. It also involves Money and sex.

Series make sure the audience sticks to sitting on a chair and watching this amazing series.

Talking about Bhuvan Bam, he is damm good actor. His performances on Youtube and BB ki Vines have made him famous and now with a new series. His role in the series as Vasant aka Vashya literally made everyone amazed. We see his style, action, and fight sequence in one scene, making sure to deliver the top capability of acting he has in his career.

The plot eventually includes police and their investigation, which we can reconnect the pros and cons of the work Bhuvan does in the series. The series also jumps from childhood to the latest day, to reconnect some happenings related to Vasya.

The producers have given tremendous support throughout the series to reach us. Rohit Raj and Bhuvan Bam, have made the series work and get watch and view all over the world.

Overall, a nice series to watch. It is rated 8.2/10 on IMDb.

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