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Swapnil Joshi 's " BALI" gave marathi industry a fresh story

Starring Pooja Sawant and little boy Samarth Jadhav , this film is a mediocre horror and all the character have done their work smartly.

Talking about the story , we see that Mandar ,Swapnil Joshi 's son is admitted to hospital for a treatment and then the main story begins . Pooja Sawant is seen in a negative role for the first time . The mysterious hospital has many secrets and Shrikant Sathe { Swapnil Joshi } takes a call to solve it . Going through some barriers he comes to the factual things about the bad happenings carried in hospital and decides to bring the truth of hospital in front of all . And makes a move. He observes many things and finally comes out of the mysterious truth of hospital . The film makes us know the treatment of some doctor towards their patients .

The film also gives moral thoughts about the dissatisfaction towards doctors upon taking high fees and not doing the right treatment on patients. And sometimes it results in death of patients .

The story with moral thoughts is brought to notice with help of a horror and wicked personality nurse which was killed by the doctors upon the mistake surgery on her child .

Talking about direction , it is intermediate . But the scenes are shooter quite well .

Produced by Arun Singh Baran and Kartik Nishandar , directed by Vishal Puria and Written by Swapnali Gupta , this film is a entertainment of 1.45 hrs . If you are interested in a horror movie , you might take it in consideration .

With IDMB rating of 6.9 /10 , this is yet another marathi movie streaming on OTT platform


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