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Swapnagandha Vaste to be awarded on Womens Day by Lagori

Updated: Mar 1, 2023


I am Swapnagandha Vaste having 12+ years of experience in the Accounting field .I was working till August 2020 as an Accounts head in a corporate company. For some reason I left my job and  I had started my own accounting and Taxation consultancy. But the most important change happened when  my new social initiative called 'My Peace' was launched in September 2020. It was actually inspired during the lockdown Covid period. Because of the negativity around I have started this Mental relief  program. So My Peace is helpful for unburdened oneself , to overcome negative thoughts, to boost your mental energy . !! and it's  only for ladies!

Just like if I do 'First Aid' for physical pain, if the pain gets worse, then I have to go to the doctor for it. I am of the opinion that special people are needed for special treatment. So I am here as a  Moral Supporter (Psychological First Aid Provider) for women's mental peace. Just like I am someone's 'Sakhi'.

The idea of social help of My Peace came into my mind from so many years but it actually worked out on social media .. through one of the Facebook groups .. I had shared my thoughts in the form of a small write up and got a huge response from the ladies groups.  There were  no charges levied for the first 6 months as there was no intention to earn anything from these ladies. But since February, a very low fee of Rs.100/-  per call has been charged. In this program I don't give any opinion, guidance, or suggestions to ladies because I know it's not my job And as a third person, I can't do that. I only give moral support and I try to show the plus and positive points of the person so that they can solve their problems in their own way. 

I give 30 to 45 minutes to clear their mind. That is enough for sharing. Very common sharing topics such as depression, lack of self-confidence, lack of judgment, lack of understanding, one-sided thinking, negative thoughts, etc. are handled through My Peace program.

So far, around 385 women have spoken with me and shared their good or bad times.

Following concepts running under My Peace program:

*Friendly ears that hears (For all)

*Confession box (Confess or regret anything)

* 'I' for You (Mothers (आई 'I" ) special)

*General Talks (For above 50 years old  ladies)

* Hear your Silence ( For above 18 years old girls)

I am trying and hoping for the best results in the coming days!


Full name: Swapnagandha Paresh Vaste (MCom DTL )

(Certified Psychological First Aid Provider)

(Founder of My Peace )

Location:  Dhanakwadi , Pune 

Contact no: 9011319100


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