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Successful Model- Mansi Kawade

1) Share about the turning point to get into this? Do you model freelance or full-time??

Answer: I started modeling after completing my graduation. My mom insisted me to participate in a pageant, just to give a trial. Initially, I got rejected as I was a fresher, and had no knowledge about how to start and how this industry works. I went on giving auditions and I got selected for Mr & Miss Personality Pune where I met my mentor Abhyangh Kuvalekar sir. That was the turning point to getting into this. I work as a freelancer and I am a Respiratory Therapist which is my full-time job.

2) Who do you consider to be the world's most successful model?

Answer: I think, Priyanka Chopra is the most successful model for me. Her journey has been inspiring many. She has not only won hearts in India but across the globe. The way she carries herself, her Confidence, and her aura are mesmerizing. Everything that she has achieved on the basis of her talent and hard work is unbelievable.

3) What kinds of clothes and accessories are the easiest to model?

Answer: I think, it depends on the choices of models that differ. For me, casuals/ western outfits are the easiest. And as a model, it’s our job to be easy with everything that we wear and showcase.

4) Explain the biggest obstacle you have faced in your modeling career so far. How did you overcome it?

Answer: There was a time when I had to choose between my career and my passion. I had just completed my grooming classes. For my family modeling was never a priority even though my mom insisted me participate. And I have chosen both and balanced them with ease. This was the biggest obstacle so far and with the help of my friends and family, I overcame it by convincing them and proving to them I can do it.

5 . Where do you see the fashion industry in five years?

Answer: As per my knowledge, the Fashion industry is evolving to a new level. People are becoming aware of Fashion and are conscious of how they look and what to wear. And with the help of social media it will be introduced in small towns, and villages as well.

6) Choose your favorite picture from your portfolio and explain your choice.

Answer: I’m fond of jewelry that looks elegant in Indian wear. I love wearing it, so this is my favorite picture from my portfolio that I love the most.

7) What would you do if you disagreed with the photographer or director?

Answer: Before agreeing with a photographer or director I would make sure I’m comfortable doing a particular work that they have offered before commitment. I will learn about the particular work, and rather than disagreeing after a commitment I would prefer not to apply for an audition or even if I get selected for an audition I would prefer not to commit anything before knowing the facts.

8) How would you describe your work ethic as a model?

Answer: Commitment, Loyalty, Respect, and being professional rather than personal a work ethic for me as a model.

9) Add a gratitude note if you wish ( kindly share original text which hasn't been published before on any other portal)

Answer: My sincerest gratitude to everyone who has been a part of my journey. My friends have been helping me to grow, cheering me, and encouraging me. My family supports me and helps me to be better than yesterday. My colleagues help me to balance my job while I’m working as a freelancer model. These people help me to grow with their Love, guidance, and support I’m thankful and Grateful to have them.

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Facebook: Mansi Kawade

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