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Students Struggle but Don't Ask Colleges or teachers for Assistance- Dr.Pratik Mungekar

Dr.Pratik gave his Career Guidance lecture at PDEA School Kharadi Pune on December 12. Over 300 students and instructors attended and enjoyed the workshop. Once more, there is a standing ovation for Dr.Pratik. He expressed his deep gratitude to Principal Aruna Gulunjkar

looking forward to meeting more students soon says Dr.Pratik

Although students are still reporting COVID-19 mental health issues, they are typically not using the resources offered by counselling centres. Even places with limited resources can strive for greater services both now and after the pandemic, as demonstrated by the following suggestions.

Many kids have compared their time with COVID this year to being on a ship that is going down, urgently looking for a lifeboat, and possibly picking one that sinks when it is dropped.

While their own lives are in danger, campus counselling centres and their personnel have acted like the band on the deck of the Titanic, providing solace to others.

Students who are struggling can learn about the resources offered by the counselling centre but choose not to act.

Campus initiatives were vigorous. Last spring, even counselling clinics with little resources swiftly shifted to operating virtually. According to Dr.Pratik, many built support groups, video series, and other asynchronous content for students to use at home to promote mental wellness.

65 percent of students say their mental health is fair to bad.

63 percent of those who believe it is inadequate would assign their college a C or below for its responsiveness to student mental health and wellness services (compared to 43 percent of all students).

47 percent claim that during this period, they could have utilised some (28%) or a lot (19%) more support from their college.

Only 15% of students sought counselling through a college in the previous year.

This ought to serve as a wake-up call. Students are still hurting, even if it appears that we are returning to a regular phase, according to Dr. Pratik.



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