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Struggle Of Udham Singh for Independence

Watching a patroit film , makes the audiance more energetic , the same projects from the film Sardar Udham Singh , which is streaming on Amazon Prime. What a film ! Its just WOW. Acting classic , story classic , everything seems to been happening now.

The film shows the war before WW1 and mainly in Punjab, were the British people had a strong hold on the state as well as people. But , there was one man who could'nt bare the harm to his people , as he strongly starts fighting with Britishers.

The movie shows the swap between 1969 and 1911 , from Udham Singh childhood to the Punjab riots which happened in Jallianwala Bagh. But somehow it happens to confuse us sometimes , looking at every scenerio.

Uddham Singh is very fasinate about the revolutionary work carried by Bhagat Singh and his associates, but unfortunately they were hanged to death.

Udham notices changes in his state and so he joins the revolution , and thinks

to find a way for independence , by disturbing london officals , and so he travels to london , to make the history in British rule over India.

The flasbacks shows , the things he did at his young age , but the real thrill and action suspense is to watch the current time and that to in London.

The Shoojit Sacar's films are always worth to watch and entertain . His direction levels are very optimistic and at there best level , this movie too shows the same pattern . Efforts taken by Vicky Kaushal in making the role of Udhham Singh more powerful , has to be given credit.

Uddham couldn't forget his past , while the riots had taken place in Jallianwala

Bagh , so he decides to get rid away from Michael O’ Dwyer, the governor of Punjab, who had ordered General Dyer to punish the peaceful protesters in London during a public event. He shoots him at a event.

While being arrested , the london police try their level best to get answer of why he did it , but he seems to be ruthless about the incident happen , of killing O'Dwyer. The British Officer asks his name , he answers Ram Mohammad Singh . He was such a person , who had a very sharp mind of what to say . As it is real-fact besed story , we also see some facts pore-out , through conversations of between O’ Dwyer and Udham.

The cinematography and production design have put effort in recreating the aurua , the atmosphere , which makes us travel to that periodic time , of Pre-Independence.

As Bhagat Singh, Amol Parashar looks the part in close-ups, but Vicky playing Udham Singh making effort in Revoluntary activties is the best.

With IDMB rating of 9.2/10 , it is streaming on Amazon Prime Video .

Here is the Trailer Link :

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