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Sita Ramam - Compassionate Love Story

Thank you all for reading my reviews which really motivates me to write about movies.

So yes , here we are with another film review. SITA RAMAM.

This is a periodic drama film , around 1960 , where India - Pakistan , Hindu - Muslim wars were preety much active. Well , this is a pure love story of Ram and Sita Mahalakshmi aka Noor Jahan, role played by Dulquer Salmaan and Mrunal Thakur.

This story is of a letter written by Ram to Sita , and the screenplay goes around this. This is the era of 1965 were , army ; soilders communicate their home with letters and rarely with telephones. The letter in 1965 reached to Sita in 1985, through hands of Rasmika Manadana aka Waheeda alias Afreen.

Ram is a soilder of Madras Regiment and through letters , the love birds love chemistry starts blooming more.

Talking about the screenplay , it is slow- paced but we would not regret that , due to its story building process. The dialogues are soft-hearted and can make you emotional.

Talking about the music , it sooths you while watching the movie. The BGM and Colour tone of the movie too makes you feel at peace. The direction and writing of the movie by Hanu Raghavapudi, has a excellent proven point on how should love be ?

Let's talk about the characters now. Dulquer as Ram, is a guy who is compassionate for Sita , at the same time he is patroit for his nation too.

Sita , is a sweet girl , who has a big secret which she hides from Ram, which is main reason of many twist in the story.

Other characters like Vishnu Sharma , Pakistan Major Sachin Khedekar , Bhumika Chawal , uplifts the film in positive manner.

Creating the poistive hype in audience , the setup of periodic film , the cameras , the editing is just amazing.

It has been a long time, or maybe first time to watch a "PURE LOVE" film .

The climax of the film again makes a twist in the movie , resulting a good film to watch.

It is streaming on Amazon Prime Video , Do watch . It is rated 8.5./10 on IMDb .

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