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Sher Shivraj - Bravery of Marathas

Another famous battle of Shivaji Maharaj and this time , with Intellectual mind.

Sher Shivraj- Swari Afzalkhan , describes the story of how Shivaji Maharaj and their Mavalas dealed with it.

The movie has perfect screenplay , and it shows every details of planning and execution. Same as early , Chinmay Mandelkar has nailed the role of Shivaji Maharaj. We tend to salute and be proud when he is in character of Shivaji Maharaj and delivers his dialogues. Mrinal Kulkarni as Aausaheb also has great impact in the film. Her urge and pain for what Afzalkhan has did in Swarajya , is literally potrayed on-screen by her.

Digpal Lanjekar , Writer & Director of film , has really worked hard for research and camera . He too acted as Bahirji Naik , maharaj's one of the sharpest spy in era , in the film.

The scene where there is a fight between Bahirji and enemies and that to with a song , shows the homeowork and visual direction of Digpal.

We have heard from history that the sword that Shivaji Maharaj had was gifted by Bhavani Devi , but in this film it is cinematographed perfectly. The visuals , VFX , Animation , every thing seems to be perfect with no glitch and loop.

The story continues and the entry of Afzalkhan is shown , who is played by Great experieneced actor Mukesh Rishi.

He is such a fantastic actor , and has carried the role of Afzalkhan on his shoulders very well. His aura , his style , his anger has completely fulfiled the role of villan in the movie.

Mukesh Rishi has played a cruel Afzallkhan which should be apprecieated.

Apart from that Varsha Usgaokar, Sameer Dharmadhikari , Ajay Purkar , Vaibhav Mangle , Isha Keskar have really marked their role with full energy.

At the same time, keeping the film lengthy yet with fast-pace, it goes through the pre-meet of Shivaji Maharaj and Afzhalkan , where in battles , intellect politics and also some comic effects with syncornizing background music , makes this film a perfect binge watch.

The songs are too good and make us live in that era. Overall , if you are a history lover ,and wish to know more about Shivaji Maharaj , you should definately watch it.

From Yesterday , it is streaming on Amazon Prime Video . It lead in theatres with IMDb rating of 9.3/10.

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