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School Of Lies - Season 1 Review

Introduction : A series of a different plotline, story and impressive screenplay is here to entertain you in many ways. It is a psychological thriller that tells the story of a missing child at a boarding school. The show is set in the picturesque hills of Mussoorie and stars Nimrat Kaur, Hemant Kher, and Akash Khurana.


  • Nandita Mehra (Nimrat Kaur) - School Counsellor

  • Samuel "Sam" Singh (Aamir Bashir) - Schoolmaster

  • TK (Aryan Singh Ahlawat)

  • Vikram Singh (Varin Roopani)

  • Shakti Salgaonkar (Vir Pachisia)

  • Dev (Shakti Anand) - Nandita's boyfriend

  • Pallavi (Sonali Kulkarni) - Vikram's mother

  • Trisha (Geetika Vidya Ohlyan) - Shakti's mother

  • Pritika (Adrija Sinha) - Vikram's girlfriend

  • Bhola (Nitin Goel)

  • S.I. Prakash (Vijay Kumar Dogra)

  • Aniruddh (Jitendra Joshi) - Shakti's father

  • Chanchal (Divyansh Dwivedi)

  • TK's Uncle (Hemant Choudhary)

  • Vikram's Lawyer (Shajith Moosa)

Exact Review:

The series has some pros and cons:

The pros are :

  • Superb Acting

  • Well-defined writing

  • Beautiful Themes

  • Excellent Cinematography

The cons are :

  • Dark and Distrupting Matter

  • Viewers can get attracted to subject in bad ways . Its a series to watch for 18+ people.

Talking about the acting and the roles, each cast has made it a perfect scenario to makes this series a impactful one. The characters Nandita Mehra played by Nimrit Kaur gaves a different kick to her outlook of her role played earlier. Also especially the main character of Shakti played by Vir Pachisia is appreciable one. He has done a great job with his acting and his character.

Technical Apects: The series is produced by BBC Studios India Production with direction of Avinash Arun Dhaware and Writing of Ishaani Banarjee & Nishant Agarwaala. The creation of theis series is by Avinash Arun Dhaware and Ishaani Banarjee.

Additional Thoughts:

  • The show does a good job of exploring the systems of boarding school.

  • The characters connect us with relatable people

  • The show is keeps the suspense intact and enages us in many ways.

The series hint us of the IInd season , while the audience awaits it.

It is rated 6/10 on IMDb.

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