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Sahaj Sabharwal - Young Writer Strives to Make Society Better

Updated: May 23, 2022

Sahaj Sabharwal - I Write On Social Causes And Strive To Make Society Better (Young Writer and Author From India)

My first book was not that successful because many were not ready to support me. But again, I continued writing with the same passion and my second book showed some good results. So I would say that it is my passion and zeal to write better and believe in myself which has been the inspiration behind my every write-up.

1. Tell us more about your background and journey.

I was a student of class seventh when I was in Delhi Public School, Jammu where I first started writing. And with that start, I published my very first book titled, "Poems by Sahaj Sabarwal" at the age of 17. The book is a collection of diverse poems based on the social issues and the life of the youth.

Following that, I published my second book titled "Pedagogical Thoughts Made Facts" at the age of 19, which is again a book containing poetries, thoughts, quotes, stories, and articles aiming for bringing positivity to the lives of readers. Presently, I am pursuing Aeronautical Engineering from Tamil Nadu besides my interests in writing, rapping, and blogging.

2. As a young writer, where does your inspiration for writing lie?

During my initial years in the writing, I encountered severe, harsh criticisms from others. People were against the idea of a student publishing his own book at such a young age and should rather focus on studies and build a stable career. This is not something pleasant for anyone. I tried to turn such backlashes into an inspiration for me to do something better, something unique. And now I believe it is that feeling which has always inspired me to write and helped me achieve what I have now.

My first book was not that successful because many were not ready to support me. But again, I continued writing with the same passion and my second book showed some good results. So I would say that it is my passion and zeal to write better and believe in myself which has been the inspiration behind my every write-up.

3. What prompted you to start writing along with your school studies?

When I was small, I wrote a poem for my mother on Mother's Day. My mom loved it. Everyone was proud that I could write a beautiful poem with deep thoughts at such a young age. I would say it was this small incident that made me recognize my talent in writing. And then I started writing articles and poems, and that poem about my mother is also published in my first book.

4. What is that one cause you care deeply about and why?

It is not quite possible to name just one cause because there are various social issues revolving around youth that need attention from society. There are children getting raped, students attempting suicide, and getting into addictions and these are just to name a few.

The major reason behind these rising issues is the lack of proper education and awareness. Perpetrators do not realize that what they are doing is wrong, and victims usually are not aware of their rights. I would say that looking at these social causes and how youth is getting directly affected by them made me write these books.

5. If one wants to contribute and make a difference in social causes then how do you believe one can do it?

Some might argue that it is the responsibility of the government to make laws and prevent such issues. But, in reality, it is all in the hands of we individuals.

We can all contribute at our individual level, to our best capacity, and make small efforts to create a difference. For instance, I have been writing poems, articles, blogs, and rap songs, all based on social issues and with the aim to create awareness among people. Similarly, all of us can contribute in our way and, I believe, even the tiniest bit of contribution from someone can help.

We can take steps from educating at a larger scale to educating our family members at home. We can do social media campaigns and drives because, in this digital era, social media is a very powerful tool to create awareness. It might not always be quite successful, we might not be able to teach a large number of people. Just with hard work for years with God's grace I am having around twelve thousand plus followers on Instagram, thousands of followers on Facebook, around a thousand on Twitter, and one thousand plus subscribers on youtube. It was not easy at all. In my childhood when I got motivated by successful personalities like Ronaldo and others, I was wondering to get just one hundred followers on Instagram then when I reached there by posting good content then my next goal was to reach a thousand then ten thousand and now I have a goal to achieve blue tick ( verified creator ) as well as lakhs of followers. The hunger to achieve something will never end and should never end to continue to break my own records. I got that much inspired that how many successful people worked to reach from black coal to a unique and beautiful diamond. But even if one person benefits from it, then, I believe, it is quite a success and we thrive to achieve more.

6. Who is your role model and why?

We, as social animals, live in and learn from society. Our ideas and beliefs get socialized, which might be good while also bad at times. I consider society as my role model because it is from a society that I learned everything and also continue to learn.

I write about social causes and strive to make society better. The people surrounding us, each with their unique talent and charisma, motivate us to do better. So, I would say that society is my perfect teacher and also a perfect friend.

Biography -

Sahaj Sabharwal, a young writer, and the author was born on 17th March 2002. He lives in Jammu city, Jammu, and Kashmir, India. He has completed his schooling at Dps Jammu as a Non-Medical student. Now he is a student of Aeronautical Engineering. His hobbies include writing thoughts, listening to music, discovering new things, exploring the world, and writing and singing rap songs to mention but a few. He has been awarded many awards in poetry writing at the State level, National level, and International level.

He mostly writes motivational thoughts on topics related to social issues for spreading awareness among the people. His writings are regularly published in many newspapers, magazines, websites, anthologies, and other media platforms.

According to him,

" Be you, no need to update your view on society's new view "

His aim in life is to invent/discover something new as a Scientist or Researcher. He wants to do something new, which is done by a few. He is an inspiration of his own. He is a successful author of the BOOKS - "Poems By Sahaj Sabharwal" & "Pedagogical Thoughts Made Facts".

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