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Rudra - on Edge of Darkness

Ajay Devgan 's first series , and a thriller one. DCP Rudra played by Ajay Devgan , is a cigarette addict and a silent and intelligent cop , solving cases over cases until he is attached to Aliyah, who is suspected to kill her parents , but still has not been arrested .

He makes possible to solve cases , with help of her , without help of her and thus the series is carried forward . The acting of Ajay Devgan , is super classic and also the dialogues. Esha Deol being Rudra 's wife has no major role in the series . Ashwini Kalsekar is excellent at her role and supportive too. But also strict at times. The grip of her character is too slimy , but she has done it good. The another main character which becomes a antagonist in last two episode is Atul Kulkarni. What a fantastic actor he is ! Such a mind blowing acting a with all the perspective of situation, dialogues , and also the face expressions . He is a super actor and he is definitely a guy whom to be praised .

Ashish Vidyarthi played a role throughtout the series against Ajay in investigation.

The role of Aliyah played by Rashi Khaana creates a humor , eagerness and also a urge of watching her acting again and again . The style , attitude and the aura of her ever action particularly speaking with Rudra and also helping him on one phone call, it is absolutely nice. The series is of 6 episodes in which last 2 episodes are in speed. The action , reaction and mind games are the best. Atul Kulkarni, is a versatile actor and has played many roles in different movies and series. But talking about this one , it is one of his best roles . His sudden twist in last two episodes , turn the series upside down and then the climax is super .

Moreover after talking about all the pros, let's come to cons of series. Firstly , leaving last two episodes , the series sense very slow . The acting od Esha Deol is minimized and the angles shown surrounding her would have been avoided.

Directed by Rajesh Mapuskar and having production houses like Applause Entertainment and BBC studios ,it is still a hindi adaptation of British series Luther, which puts us in thought of why remakes are being created in bollywood.

Though , leaving thar factor aside , the series is one time watch and if you are interested in first Ajay Devgan web series and also a thriller suspense series,then it is one to watch on Disney + Hotstar. It is streaming with IDMB rating of 7.9/10.

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