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Ruaraka A wins as Pushkar Sharma hits a crucial half century

Ruaraka A emerged victorious against Nairobi Gymkhana A , thanks to a valiant half century by the Kenya National team opener Pushkar Sharma. Winning the toss , Ruaraka A chose to bat, a decision turned right by their openers. The openers Pushkar Sharma and Chandresh Hirani took on the Nairobi Gymkhana bowlers, with the latter following an aggressive approach.

The southpaw reached to his half century quickly in just 34 balls , with a good strike rate of 140+. He looked in great touch as he approached his fifty even before the half of Ruaraka's overs were completed. He was dismissed in the 10th over, but has set the tone of the match, and had prepared a launch pad for his teammates, which was capitalised by other batter which helped the total score reach 169 runs. Post that, their bowlers took charge and restricted the Nairobi Gymkhana Kenya team to 132 runs, winning by a margin of 37 runs.

Pushkar's aggressive approach right from the start helped the momentum in Ruaraka's favour heavily. His valiant innings combined with cameos by other batters and all round performance by Nitish Hirani eventually helped the Ruaraka A side to their victory.

When asked about the fifty, Pushkar said , "There are many more to come. This is the first one of this year. I am very happy to play for Ruaraka Club and would thank the Ruaraka management and Mansukh Hirani for giving me a opportunity to play for Ruaraka. Today we won the first league match in Npca T20 and we look forward to win more matches. Also I would like to thank all the supporters and sponsors supporting me. I am happy to receive one more sponsorship from HOUSE OF FONES in Kenya. Thanks to Mr. Mohan Gidwani for supporting me here. I look forward to fulfill expectations of all my sponsors and supporters".


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