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RRR - Beyond Imagination Performance

Here it is, the third-largest film of S. S. Rajamouli, with two big stars Ram Charan and Jr.NTR. The film is based on1920 Pre-Independence period and depicts the fight against British Government in India. Ram Charan is introduced first and he is playing the character of a British Officer, but his heart melts for India. K.V Viyajyendra Prasad and Dialogue writer Sai Madhav Burra, have displayed a great screenplay and story too. The meeting of both happens on a different stage, where Ram, takes hundred of men on him to fight like a typical South Movie style. The actions, cinematography are classic shooted and there is no leak in it. The cameo of Ajay Devgan takes the story further and also makes some sudden twists too. The "Jodi" of Ram and NTR, travels the friendship from an enemy to friendship, and then the "Dosti" song is picturized. Ram has a fiancé back home; played by Alia Bhatt and Bheem has a bit of a yes /no with an English woman, Jenny (Olivia Morris).

Each one of them , have their mission. Bheem played by Jr.NTR, comes along to save her tribe girl, which is kidnapped by the British Army. He brings a set of wild animals with him, which is unexpected and is very thrilling to look for. His fight begins, and the scene where a tiger attacks and he fights against it is amazingly shooted. Bheem who is on a mission to save a girl is an unknown fact that Ram is working for the British Police, and soon they are infront of each other as strong enemies to fight.

The story is filled with misunderstandings , conflicts and al lot of actions, but yet it sustianed in people's mind and the audiance are giving a tremendous response. From every peice of music , it is clarified that , there is a lot of efforts and intellectual decisions regarding the music of the film. The major one "Natu Natu " hit nearly about 120M views after the song release .

Ajay Devgan playing a cameo , is also one of the major role . Shirya Saran also made her role fulfil by her acting skills. The set design is also great.

By the time, the film comes to end with climax , we see a fablous look of Lord Rama in Hindu scirpture and that too, is mesmerizing one.

Dialogues hit , songs hit , actions hit , and acting hit , everything at its perfect poistion, has done the job great for RRR , Ram Charan, NTR , and Rajamouli.

With IDMB rating 9.1/10 and box office collection of 700CR mark, the film is celebrating their 8th day in Theatres.

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