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Review of the Movie - Blind

Introduction: The movie is about Blindness, and its positives and negatives. We see the struggle and attitude toward Justice and how blind people can deal with tough situations. We see an afterlife of a blind police officer, where she has to deal with a crime situation and save herself and others. It is a remake of a Korean Film of the same name.


  • Sonam Kapoor as Gia

  • Purab Kohli

  • Vinay Pathak as Prithvi

  • Lillete Dubey

  • Shubham Saraf

  • Lucy Aarden

  • Javed Khan

Exact Review: First of all, a praising clap for Sonam Kapoor, for her part in acting which is to be blind. The movie describes a serial killing and how Gia gets involved in it. Her actions and dialogues are not too effective but it helps to maintain the screenplay. We see various other perspectives in the movie. Like friendship, loyal nature, and many more. Talking about the story, we haven't watched the Korean original of this film, so this is the first attempt to watch

"Blind". Yet it didn't entertain as it would have.

Talking about the screenplay and story, it is good. Just to keep a message out, of such serial killer minds, they have tried to keep it straight as well as the "cruelty" factor of the serial killer is shown well.

The important role, is of the Action Director Alister Mazzotti, to define actions to Sonam as per her body language of being blind and also put a sequence in front in such a way that she seems to be comfortable while performing those.

Technical Aspects:

The Creative Producer Sujay Ghosh has also put his part incredibly. The Direction and Screenplay by Shome Makhija are good. The film is produced by Jyoto Deshpande under the banner of Jio Studios with the collaboration of AVMA Media, Kross Pictures, RV Motion Pictures, Lead Films Ltd. and Panorama Music.

Talking about the actions of other actors, Vinay Pathak is good in his police officer role. He created an equilibrium in handling his fellow officer and the case, which is quite nice. The role played by Purab Kohli is a fantastic role. He was in a zone of that character, a witty yet important character in this film.

Overall, a one-time watch film is streaming on Jio Cinema. It is rated 4/10 on IMDb.

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