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Review of Movie- Adipurush

Introduction: Most Awaited, and heavy-budget film Adipurush has been released in theatres, and the audience with lots of hope and excitement approaching theatres to watch it.

Fundamental Analysis: The film is about a part of Ramayan, where Raavan carry off Sita, and then with the help of "VanarSena" and Lord Hanuman, Lord Ram destroys Raavan and brings back Sita to home. This story is shown here with the help of dialogues and heavy yet poor CGI and VFX.


  • Prabhas as Raghava ( Lord Ram)

  • Saif Ali Khan as Lankesh ( Raavan)

  • Kriti Sanon as Janaki (Sita)

  • Sunny Singh as Shesh ( Laxman)

  • Devdatta Nage as Bajrang (Hanuman)

  • Vatsal Sheth as Meghanada

  • Sonal Chauhan as Mandodari

  • Siddhant Karnick as Vibhishana

  • Tejaswini Pandit as Shurpanakha

  • Trupti Toradmal as Vibhishana's wife

  • Krishna Kotian as Dasharat

Exact Review:

The story is known to Indians, so the story doesn't need an explanation. But the main things to look at here are the Visual Effects ( VFX) and Computer Graphics ( CGI). As a story, it is a part of Ramayana, that Raavan carry off Sita, and the fight between Lord Ram and Ravan begins. But here there are many loops in the story, which the audience may disagree with. The main ones are the dialogues. What is it?

Like "Kapda tere baap ka, tel tere baap ka, aag bhi tere baap ki aur jalegi bhi tere baap ki" like what is this? Is it a dialogue, which is said like 3000 to 3500 years ago? What kind of devotional era the makers are trying to mean? In another scene which involves a heavy VFX of leaves where Janaki is resting, the leaves are not in motion, like there is a total absence of air in the environment. Like Really? Such high-level glitches in a film, where the audience connects with religious views, these mistakes cant be overlooked.

Other main characters like Shesh, Janaki and Bajrang, play important roles as leads in the film, but there are numerous faults in their characters. First of all, Shesh played by Sunny Singh doesn't suit his character. He is not the Shesh that which audience might love. Bajrang is played by Devdutt Nage. Many times, it's a VFX or CGI where glitches happen. But in the case of Bajrang's character, his actions, and his way of speaking can't be acceptable in terms of what movie the makers are presenting. His character does not fascinate. The makeup and costumes are not exactly what Lord Hanuman may greet.

Particularly to mention, there is a scene where Sita gives an ornament as a symbol of love and care towards Lord Ram through the hands of Lord Hanuman, The movie shows the same scene where the ornament is a Bangle. As read and watched in Ramayan, it was a ring that was handed to Lord Hanuman and not bangle. Such silly improvised scenes are just a lack of study of history. Can makers make it possible to cover such "improvised scenes"?

These all things could be improved with a keen observation towards the script and screenplay precisely. Also, glitches in VFX and CGI might be acceptable, but the devotional emotions of the audience are important, makers could have given thought to exactly what kind of scenes could be shooted and included in the movie.

As a villain, every character the villain as its own graph and approach towards the role. The film shows a modern Lankesh where we see styled hair and an irritated pose of him. Raavan was a villain in the whole story, but his intelligence was supreme. Such a character has been shown with a different perspective where we see a loop in his makeup style which the audience notices. These and many questions are brought to the table when such a kind of film where there are devotional emotions connected through people.

Yet the film makes a try to entertain the audience with some actions, and mainly the songs.

"Jai Shri Ram" composed by Ajay-Atul soothes us hearing the chants.

Overall, a poor VFX and GCI and a poor screenplay may affect the audience's emotions, but yet in the case of the Box office, the numbers can be different. It is rated 3.8/10 on IMDb.

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