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Review- Lapataa Ladies

Updated: Mar 3

In an era dominated by high actions and convoluted plotlines, Lapataa Ladies emerges as a refreshing subject offering a simple yet engaging narrative that could make you emotional and happy too. This film takes us on a ride that is filled with laughter, lessons, and emotions.

The story revolves around the disappearance of two ladies, after their respective weddings, and get engaged in a chain of events. The brilliant narrative is to keep the innocence of its subject intact throughout the film. From the opening scene to the final frame, viewers are treated to a rollercoaster ride of confusion, comedy, and compassion.

The film stars Sparsh Shrivastava as Deepak Kumar, Pratibha Ranta as Pushpa Rani, and Nitasnshi Goel as Phool. These three characters respectively depict passion, showcasing courage innocence, and hope in the narrative.

The film is directed by Kiran Rao, and written by Bilab Goswami, Sneha Desai, and Divyanidhi Sharma. The film is produced by Amir Khan and Kiran Rao under the banners of Amir Khan Productions and Jyoti Deshpande under Jio Studios. The film is rated 8.1/10 on IMDb.

So, if you want to watch something different with a with different perspective, this film is the one. Do watch it in theatres near and far from you.

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