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Rest The Case- Legal Aggregator Platform

Rest The Case, an Indian Legal Aggregator Platform offers Enterprise Resource Planning software solutions to Lawyers

Gone are the days of running a business wherein you manage every detail manually or keep track of day-to-day transactions via manual entries. Today, we live in a digital world. And why not! It has made our lives so seamless and hassle-free. Businesses reap its benefits in numerous ways by using the latest technologies and software updates which enable them to manage all aspects of their business effectively and efficiently. One such software which has been a boon for organizations is ‘Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP]. This software is used by many organizations to manage day-to-day business activities such as accounting, procurement, project management, risk management, compliance, and supply chain operations, and ‘Rest The Case’, an Indian Legal Aggregator platform is not only providing ERP solutions to lawyers but have much more to offer in terms of security for their registered lawyers.

Certain professions such as Law, CA, doctors, etc. who have their own private practices also need to have ERP systems that can help them handle client details, store information, and manage it efficiently. Law especially requires professionals to manage and keep track of numerous documents and paperwork and it can get difficult to handle without an efficient system. Rest The Case provides a one-of-a-kind solution to this where they not only offer an ERP solution and help lawyers in Case Management but also offer encryption which keeps all data and information safe and confidential.

With Rest The Case’s Case Management System lawyers have the ability to manage relevant documents to their cases, client details, and notes about the case processing. Not

only this but the lawyer can also manage and create appointments with the clients on

the system. The Case Management system helps lawyers manage their cases efficiently saving them time and money. “What really sets Rest Case apart from others is the assurance of confidential documents not getting misplaced and everything stays secure. Security and confidentiality in the field of law are especially of utmost importance. That’s not all, very often software such as ERP must be bought separately by organizations and is usually designed only for big firms. This not only is cost inefficient for even these firms but can’t be utilized by those who run their individual practices or run a small firm. Rest The Case’s Case Management offers not only security but is also accessible to all businesses”, says Shreya Sharma, Founder, and CEO, of RTC.

Rest The Case’s Case Management System is accessible to lawyers through subscribing to

their yearly subscription is available at a nominal fee.

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