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Ramsetu - History behind the Ramayan

This is one of the epic historical and factual film , where we would be shattered and amazed to listen and see the facts about Ram Setu , Lord Rama , Raavan and all the history behind it.

The film is produced under the banner of LYCA Productions, Abundantia Entertainment with Akshay Kumar, Nushrratt Baruccha, Jacquline Fernandez as main lead character, written and directed by Abhishek Sharma.

Akshay Kumar playing a character of a Archeologist Dr Aryan Kulshrestha , is send on a mission to study and prove some facts about Ram Setu , and the story begins. With a team , he starts his research. His team includes Jacquline aka Dr. Sandra Rebello, who makes him stronger through technical support to find the facts and truth behind Ram Setu.

While Dr Aryan is a “atheist” , and he is in a zone of trying to prove Ram Setu a man made bridge , he finally comes to an another conclusion.

This movie , could make some religiuos remarks , but they might be prpven facts too.

There are lots of interesting things which is projected in this movie . The shots in Sri Lanka , espacially drone shots are mesmerzing.

The whole struggle to find Ram Setu finally ends , and they understand the some interesting things about the bridge.

The scenes are extremely beautifully shot , the one were Akshay Kumar is walking on Ram Setu , just makes us feel pleasing.

There is a lot of Actions, Drama which makes us an urge to watch the movie. The Dialogues are point to point and best.

Another scene of chasing is beautifully shot.

Second twist comes , when they become unsuccesful trying to prove the presence of Lord Ram on Ram Setu , they try another way , for which you have to see the movie in theatres.

The final scenes at last comes to Court Room Drama to prove the presence of Lord Rama, Raavan, Ramayan etc.

The climax scene again will make you think and increase eagerness.

This movie , can be watched again,to look for the devotion towards Lord Rama.

It will arrive soon on Amazon Prime Video.

This movie is rated 5.2/10 on IMDb , do watch in theatres near and far from you.

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