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Rakshaa Chhabriaa- Bach Flower Therapist

“ Rakshaa Chhabriaa “ - a Mumbai-based certified bach flower therapist from “ The Bach Centre - UK “ and practicing for last 20 years.

A 5-year long journey reversing myself from the clutches of “ Lupus “ - a deadly curable auto-immune disease where your own antibodies attack your immune system and organs instead of protecting you.

As a package Lupus brought along with it “ Thyroid, Rheumatoid Inflammation, High Blood Pressure, Frozen Shoulder, Knee issues, Eye problems, Chronic fatigue and Stress, Depression, Sleep issues and Memory Loss.

A shiver ran down my spine with the sheer thought and fear of living your life ahead of you in and out of hospitals.

Also having been given 5-7 years of life span ahead of you created the worst kind of anxiety on one hand and tremendous willpower and spirit to get cured completely on the other.

And then it all started. The choice was the latter one - willpower and spirit to get cured completely. The journey of reversal, hope, and love again began.

A fan of all things natural and yoga and naturopathy in my blood, I started introspection on wats the frequency of this disease and Wat mindset and emotion I need to change from within to see the change outside.

I’m a live example of reversing this deadly autoimmune disease like Lupus which rheumatologists say is impossible with natural healing methods emotional coaching and constantly working inside out with the support of “ Bach Flower Remedies “, I have proven in the last 7 years that you can have a pain free, symptom free and medication free life full of energy if you were diagnosed with an autoimmune disease or any other chronic disease even cancer.

The power of working on the subtle energies at the very cellular and vibrational level inside your body changes the entire game. Bach flower remedies and mindset therapy work miraculously to eradicate the root cause of any disease.

The disease-free body then is a by-product of this change at the emotional level.

This modality definitely helps those suffering from poor quality of life, understand the power of holistic and alternative ways to heal and not just cure themselves.

As a health entrepreneur, I have helped many people in the reversal of lifestyle diseases without medication.

Most of the mental health problems in kids, as well as adults, get solved with Bach Flower Remedies.

My passion to spread awareness on how you can absolutely heal and not just cure yourself from the clutches of diseases with the right mindset therapy and Bach remedies is now gaining popularity across the globe.

You go to a spa, jog 10 km and eat the right superfoods but yet not be able to get rid of diseases?

This is the answer as well as the question.

Helping people heal themselves with Bach Flower Remedies and mindset coaching is my full time work now.

insta page : rakshaachhabriaa


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