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Qala - Life Journey of a Singer

A film , which sparked me late , and was eager to watch , for an interesting name, Produced by team Anushka Sharma , precisely Karnesh Sharma , with an engrossing actor Babil Khan and Tripti Dimri, who excellently have done their jobs in the film.

The film is basically based on singers life and their singing ancestors. We see a talent series of actors performing here which include Swastika Mukharjee , Girija Oak , Swanand Kirkire , Varun Grover, Tasveer Kamil , Veera Kapuree etc.

The screenplay by Anvitta Dutt is superb , and the dialogues are rich and show interrelation which keeps the story more keen to watch. The cinematography of the movie as able to show the real emotions of the characters more darkly. The story is more about Ego and Self- Respect, which is picturized beautifully on screen. A mental shock turned into disater for whole life , and then the twists make some reactions on the characters of the film.

The Director of Photography ( DOP) Siddharth Diwan should be praised for an excellent capture of scenes in the movie.

The song " Godhe Pe Sawar" reached 4.8 million views on Youtube.

Critics and audiences have praised Qala for its emotional depth, engaging storytelling, and strong performances by the cast. Tripti Dimri's portrayal of Qala has been particularly praised for its nuanced and powerful portrayal of a young woman grappling with her own sense of self-worth and acceptance.

The film's visual style and cinematography have also been lauded for their beauty and ability to capture the emotional nuances of the story. The VFX is pleasent and audience might engage more in it.

Overall, Qala has been hailed as a well-crafted and emotionally impactful film that tackles important themes of identity, acceptance, and family bonds.


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