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PUSHPA rised and will rule in 2nd part

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Pushpa - The Rise is ruling the film industry and earning on box office. It is hitting in every part of country. The story , the screenplay is at its best. The cinematography is extremely high quality and amazing . There are very few films where such cinematography is shown. The direction and writing team have worked very hard on this film and getting the right shot on every minute, refined shots and correct DI too .

The scenes shooted in jungle are highly actioned and the stunts show the capability of a hero to work in the film .

Talking about Allu Arjun character, it is his one of the best character ever. His style , his actions make people whistle and cheer him towards the motivation for the film . Also the villain / antagonist SP .Bhanawar Singh aka Fahad Fasshil has put a great effort to poetry the character. His actions show his confidence in the character . The supporting characters too made their role a remembered act throughout the film . The last but not the least , the actresses of the film Rashmika Mandhana and Samantha made this film shine in glamour and literally shake our body on their songs . Already the songs of film are hitting millions views on YouTube and listening on various music applications . They made a fire out of a small world , and audience go crazy when their songs are seen.

The direction team , have put a lot of effort and mind in putting such a story flashed for many years in eyes of audience . Producers Naveen Yemeni and Y. RaviShankarshan have a great vision and planning,and one of the planning in form of a movie ,is before the audience and they are loving it. Overall a well -presented film is in front of audience and everyone should definitely watch it .

With IDMB rating of 8/10, it is streaming on Amazon Prime Video .


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