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Pushkar visits IndiaFirst Life Insurance headquarters in Mumbai

Nostalgia hit hard as the Indian-origin Kenyan opener Pushkar Shivkumar Sharma revisits IndiaFirst Life Insurance headquarters in Mumbai. It was a moment worth capturing as Pushkar revisited the place which has been a constant pillar of support for his entire life.

Pushkar Sharma is a name that is popular in the cricketing world. However, it was not the case always. Times were not always in favour of the superstar. There was a time, where in spite of having all the qualities to be a great player, fortune was against him. When tragedy struck him and his family, when times were tough, there was a time when he struggled with finances , which affected his cricket and forced him to take a break.

It was at this point of time when IndiaFirst Life Insurance stood tall and firm with the southpaw and provided him with a job, also offering him a chance to play for their team . This way, Pushkar could manage to play and focus on the game, while not having to worry about the finances necessary to support his family. Even after Pushkar got a chance to play for Ruaraka Sports Club in Kenya, India first sponsored him and is still continuing their support by sponsoring the champion.

Speaking about IndiaFirst and their constant support, Pushkar Sharma said " I will treasure Indiafirst Life Insurance always in my life. Mr Rushabh Gandhi (Deputy Chief Executive Officer- DCEO) and Mr Praveen Menon (Chief People Officer - CPO) have stayed with me during my hard times. I have always been motivated by them, and even today, they motivated me to do more and better. I feel blessed and thankful for being a part of this amazing organization".

On one side was a champion who never forgot the help provided by IndiaFirst Life Insurance, and on the other side were proud Gandhi sir and Menon sir who felt nothing but pride in seeing one of their favourite humans climb the ladder of success. It was a emotional moment for both , Pushkar as well as members of India First Life Insurance, and so was it one of the moments for his fans to watch with all their heart. May IndiaFirst continue to support him, and may he bring laurels to them in future

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