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Puja Agarwal to get Lagori Award for her brand " Love 4 Skin "

My self Puja Agrawal, I stay in Pune.

My business known as 'Love 4 Skin'

Natural handmade skincare and haircare products.

I m a mother of twin daughters and I am proud of it...

I started my business a year ago.

My motive is to solve each and every issues related to skin & hair with my handmade natural products.

First thing you need is support, mainly family which supports you is best..

My journey till now was all about time management, being a teacher , being a choreographer, being a writer, being a mother , etc etc...managing every role is difficult but you can if you want...

So with that positive thought I am still running my business wholeheartly and will keep doing it in future too...

Done workshops to build my business stronger.

Learnt many new things from my mentor, they are always there to help you and guide you.

And still learning and trying to solve every skin and hair related issues with my haircare & skincare products.

You can find me on :

Facebook - Puja Agrawal

I am also Pula verified seller in Facebook

Love 4 - my instagram account

Thank you all for your support and keep motivating .



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