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Voice beyond Talent - Akshdeep Singh

Voice-Over Artists are the ones whose Voices we have heard many times but we haven't seen them much. We are glad to interview such a kind personality today , Mr. Akshdeep Singh. Here are some talks we had while interviewing him .

1) Share the first day of your voice over assignment.

Answer : It came as an audition from a freelancing website. It was a 20min Hindi narration for a YouTube Channel. My happiness knew no bounds as it was my first job and in the very first month of auditioning. The pay was less which I realised later, but the fact that I was able to earn something out of my passion was exhilarating for me!

2) What were the key things you learned as a voice over artist during this pandemic period ?

Answer : I learned the power of working remotely. Being a Voice Over Artist, there is a huge potential of working from anywhere for clients across the globe. This gives us the opportunity to deliver and work on a variety of projects. I also became more thankful to God during this time for giving plenty of work opportunities, in a period where so many people were losing their jobs. It was during this time that I got an opportunity to Voice the Intro lines of the super-hit video song "Jalebi Baby" by Tesher featuring Jason Derulo.

3) Who is your idol when it comes to this dream job ? Why ?

Answer : My idol is my Voice coach/Guru - Neshma Chemburkar Ma'am, the legendary Voice Actress. I am her student and I have learnt so much from her. She has completely changed my perception towards the scope of being a Voice Actor. She introduced me to my hidden potential that even I was unaware of. She gave me the confidence that I can perform well in every genre of Voice-Overs and that I should not restrict myself to any one or two categories alone. I feel so blessed to be able to get connected with her. Huge respect and love for her!

4) What is the status for a voice over artist ? Whether they get remuneration as per expectations

Answer : Absolutely! Sometimes even more than your expectations. :)

The VO industry is on a boom and has immense work potential. Some may believe that it is a very competitive industry. But the pace of work that is increasing day by day is sufficiently more than the competition. I strongly believe every talented professional can get ample work opportunities and you don't have to compete with others.

But like any other industry, it has its loop-holes as well. Due to its rapid growth, we might encounter a very few clients who are not very professional and ethical in their work dealings. So we just need to be aware about our rights and should assess the client before committing anything.

5) Share about family and friends support

Answer : Initially I did not get the family support. Parents still think those 9 to 6 jobs are perfect and secure. They are yet to understand that Voice Overs can be a full-time profession too.

You won't be able to prove them with words, but only with results. So, just keep focusing on your VO business, and I am sure one day they will understand why making your passion as a profession is the most profitable.

6) What makes you stay humble ?

Answer : No matter whatever we achieve, we should always remain humble and stay grounded. Learning never stops at any stage.

Also, the knowledge of who we originally are (a 'soul') and what our life's purpose is will guide you to stay down-to-earth, always. Apart from just focusing on our professional journey, we should take some time for our life's spiritual journey too. It will definitely keep you humble and awakened.

7) Share the banners where you want to work with

Answer : I would definitely love to Dub big banner Animation movies, Web-series and Hollywood movies too. The thought of hearing my Voice in Theatres itself excites me a lot!

8) Message to newcomers and links to your social media accounts

Answer: For all the newcomers, you should not limit yourself to only a few genres, you should try attempting as many varieties of projects as possible. Not only will you be able to assess your strength areas, but you will be able to widen your Vocal range and capabilities as well.

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