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Prodigal Love?- Preeti Narang gets the click of a Love Story

This book is one of the best ones, I have read till now. We define " LOVE" in many languages, and express them in many feelings. But Prodigal Love is one of the sides of love where there is dim light. This book is exact, about what happens when money comes in love and relationships.

It is said that" Money can be part of love, but not love." This is what exactly happens in the story of Aarav and Samaira. Liked it is said in the book, It is a story of an Indian Girl, the challenges she faces in her life and society, for her love which she should not, and the consequences after some incidents in her life is Prodigal Love.

The story makes a normal love story, which turns upside down, and then we are shocked at the climax. It also makes us think, to rethink that is love what we want only in life and nothing else. Money is a major factor in the story. We can say, all things boil down to money only. So, Is money more important than love? Are relationships so unstable when money enters them? The book makes us think about various factors of love, and also about procrastinating the relations.

There is a twist in the story when Samaira comes to know some truths about Aarav, and she is devasted. She broke. But she takes a decision, to be brave and face it.

Moreover, there are a lot of things we should understand and inculcate.

Family, our family is our strong supporter. Mainly our father and mother. The word FAMILY itself says, Father and Mother, I LOVE YOU. So we should think twice before we say any word against our parents. Our relatives, are with us. Some may differ from your decision, our habits, and our way of communication, but they are with you. You always should take them into consideration and speak about the problem.

Friends. Our friends are our second parents. They listen, guide, scold, get angry and also they make us feel comfortable. They are the main reason for our healthy life. It is considered that money makes your life easy, but friends make your life. Friends make you. So good friends make us good. There are certain vibes that pass to us. This book is also about friends and colleagues. After a tragedy in Samaira's life, she gets serious help from her friend, recovers from the situation, and thinks about an action, which should be taken immediately.

So yes when friends are around, you hope to find out the way out of the situation and to make decisions fast and precisely.

While talking about the writer Preeti Narang, is compassionate zealous, and creative. She has a Master's Degree in Software Systems and has been working in the IT industry for 17+ years. Along with writing novels, she also writes blogs and poems. To know about her, visit her website

Well, this was from the side of a fantastic book review.

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