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Pet Puran- Love towards pets

Updated: Jun 6, 2022

It is the one of the best series in Marathi. Unique concept and beautifully and creatively executed. The credit goes to creator and director of series Dnyanesh Zoting.

Right from the title song of the series , it is highly creative input of every single person working on this web series.

Produced by Ranjit Gugle , it shows the love and affection towards animals , and particularly the pets. The motto of series looks poistive , and it says , just love the animals as you love the human beings, as they are part of world and nature.

The actors in series , Lalit Prabhakar and Sai Tahmankar have fablously browned their role , as Atul and Aditi respectively. The urge of getting pets instead of doing a family planning and upbringing a child, they deicde to adopt a pet and enjoy life with that pet.

The series also describes a social issue , of how are pets treated. They should be given respect and correct nutrition so that they get motivated to live their life. Also it too decribes the main responsiblity of humans to animals as well as to other humans , that is friendship.

The more friends you have , the more richer you are. You have a family, different from the family you live 24 hours , which shares happiness , sadness , anger , and everything which comes in your mind. So frienship is very important .

Another thing which this series teaches you , that is Caring. You should make it as a point to care your dear ones , which can be person or pet. Right from food habits , to moods you should have a patience level to deal with all the issues with your life , and live happily .

Thats it !!

So Yes , if you are a pet lover , or you have or you wish to have, please do watch this series with amazing episodes . Also do check out episodes name. They are very cute and fuuny !!

So watch this series on Sony LIv . It has a IMdB rating of 8/10.

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