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Personality Development- Be Intentional

Most of the things , we do are intensionally or unintensionally . But doing things or working Intensionally makes a human being confident about his work also he keeps good relations with his collgues and staff. Also , we should keep in mind , that doing good things can change the perspective of looking things which are not intensionally. So that it affects positive in other's life.

Some people may get a patner to share feelings, if we intensionally show interest in having a good talk with them. Quite often , people say ," My intension was not to hurt you", that means generally people care about their close ones , and when they care , they put their good intesions to stay with , and also help patner in life. That may be wrong or right , but they don't have intesions to hurt you.

Purposly doing things , good things , makes a human being belive the other person , thinking that somebody is there whoom I cansay he/she is my person , the one i am comfortable to talk with and can share anything at any time, and could live my most of life.

Sometimes , when intensions are good and poistive , it too converts into attraction or love.

Being Intensional is not a bad thing , but thinking before doing anything related to it is most important.






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