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Pandu leading in theatres

Starring Bhau Kadam ,Kushal Badrike , and Sonalee Kulkarni , this film is tribute to Dada Kondke and his films , which he has done with a great sense of humor just adding a comedy in it.

The story revolves around Pandu , a hawaldar , who is very near to the Policitan and also listens him . But when it comes to security of his own and nation , he is completely different and honest police officer. Such is a story of Pandu. The genre of the film is suspense comedy and all the characters in the film have put effort to make it. Pravin Tarde is a respected politician and hia security is in a danger. Mhadu and Pandu investigate and save the life of their politician and is also praised for it. Sonalee Kulkarni character is partially grey shade character and has acted quite well. Also a major twist in the story comes when Prajakta Mali enters in it. Though people are yet to know the real facts , Prajakta character defines her character too. She has played a complete grey shade character and has done best performance till now.

Moreover the story is too long , but it has been sum up to show the glory of Pandu. The comedy timing are best , when Bhau Kadam and Kushal Badrike scenes are projected.

The response is quite well and if you are searching for comedy film to watch , this is sure one of them .

Do watch it. In theatres near you.


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