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Mrs. Ekta Sharma to be awarded by Lagori on Womens Day

Updated: Mar 7, 2023

Hi,my name is Ekta Sunil Sharma and I'm a Reiki Teacher and Tarot Card Reader.

I have also at times been called a Parrot Card Reader.Jassa Tay rastyavar popat card kadhto tassa tumhi pan kaadhtay ka, that's only one of the very funny and exasperating description that I've heard from a lot of people.

And it's not anybody's fault because Reiki and Tarot both are not the regular kind of professions.

Coming from a family who have been Professional Astrologers,Palm Readers and Numerologists through generations ,learning Reiki in the early Nineties

was a new addition to our

"family business ".

Reiki practice not only calmed me but also brought a kind of peace to my mind,after going through the trauma of losing my 16 year old brother in a bike accident.

Reading minds and having visions ,also predicting uncannily what would happen was something that was unsettling at first but then I slowly got used to this as I meditated and practiced Reiki more and more.

Telling strangers I'd never met about the goings on in their life did get me a lot of criticism,,,😁

Being an empath is not easy and you have no choice if you are one,but

sometimes all i could do was see people go down the wrong path regardless of being warned.And other times being congratulated for a healing well done was heartening.

Once while watching a Hindi movie ,i was introduced to the concept of Tarot Card Reading.

Very fascinated my mother in law alongwith my husband got me a pack of Tarot cards from a shop in Sohrab Hall Pune.

It was as if I learnt magic..the cardspread would reveal everything like things were happening right in front of me.

Intuitively with the cards i could say exactly what the answers are.

Doing Tarot Readings at different events ,flea markets got me a lot of clientele.Tarot got me more in the public eye ,where i was specially invited to many events, especially the annual Army Diwali Function in Ahmednagar.

Amanora Mall,Kumar Pacific,Nyati Events are only some of the names.Teaching Reiki Online and doing online readings and Healings for people around different countries has been a very satisfying experience.

Having done Tarot Card Readings for the past 18 years and Reiki healings for 30 years, i can proudly say that it's been a tough ,interesting and for the most part a very rewarding journey.

I always say that I'm Blessed that i have this ability to help people.

Had it not been for my families trust in my Reiki healing practice and my Tarot Card Reading ,i wouldn't be the person I am today.


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