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Mrs.Ashwini Saptarshi to be awarded by Lagori on Womens Day

Namaste to all....

This is Ashwini Saptarshi.

I'm Professional Voice Over Artist and Professional Anchor as well.

Happy to share Journey of my Voice*Career with you all 🤩🤩🤩

Actually in many college activities my participation, performance was noticed by Our Prof. Rahane Mam. She told me to give Audition for All India Radio ie Pune Aakashwani. In true sense that field was totally Unknown to me. As our connection with radio was limited just to listen songs n copy the voice of anchor as a fun. But after entering into it I realised that it is Huge, Big Ocean n you are supposed to learn a lot, train yourself a lot. In AIR (ALL INDIA RADIO) I got an opportunity to work under Great Marathi Announcer n Youth Section Head Mr. Prasad Kulkarni, Mrs. Pratima Kulkarni n Many other talented Announcer n section head as well.

The most Important Thing I've learnt from them is first listen Your own voice, then How to Speak confidentiality with soft and sweet audible voice in front of Mike. And from then Mike is became A pure Friend of mine.

While working with AIR simultaneously I was started anchoring for various programs ( musical, award function, poetic, conferences etc. ) N also I was introduced a New Field called VOICE OVER. Every time my whole family gave Full Support to me, gave Encouragement to me which is PRICELESS.

After marriage, while adjusting in new house with new people and doing the work different from other was bit challenging. AS then I was doing VOICE OVER to Agriculture program on Pune Doordarshan, n regular comperer in Youth Section. But I must Appreciate the Big Support of my Husband who showed Trust on me n helped me in balancing, facing the situation which is Going on till Date.

After a mother of two Wonderful kids again I didn't understand how to restart the work n then in 2016 I started a Preschool and Daycare in a Partnership. Side by side my anchoring n voice over work was going on. All was set perfectly but then the World Wide Disaster came called CORONA. All of a sudden everything was stopped totally. But my nature is not to sit idle n do something or the other, engage yourself in any kind of work.

Then I trained myself again by doing small voice over course of Vallari Production, Pune, to update myself. I learnt many new things, got to know new fields of voice career in this course.

When Lockdown was stretched for two years ,it was difficult to run the preschool n We decided to close it.

After New Normal conditions started,I decided to work as a Full Fledged Voice Over Artist and Anchor. Now my Both children are helping n supporting me in this. I've my Small Recording Set up at home through which Im giving Voice Over for many Utube channels mainly news n stories. I'm good in Marathi Hindi and English voice over.

Friends.. When Your Goal is Set, Your Efforts are True n Loyal ,no matter how slow, but you'll definitely reach your Destination n other people also recognise Your Struggle and effort.

Thus my Work,my Voice was Recognised n Appreciated by many Big, Great personalities n I got many awards.

Mainly... In 2022 I was Awarded by Navdurga Sanman Puraskar given by Shri Mhalsakant Madhyamik Vidyalaya,Akurdi,Pune.

In 2022, again I was Awarded by Shri Jhansi ki Rani Lakshmibai Award given by Aapla Awaj Aapli Sakhi manch, News Network.

Currently I Started taking Practice session of the kids, Adults for various compitition including fancy dress, elocution, debate, recitation, reading, one act play nmany more. This is another new venture I've introduced to people n they are giving good response to me.

Just keeping in mind that try to do New things, learn everyday from everyone you passed by, always be a Student to acquire knowledge, technique and all then SKY IS THE ONLY LIMIT for You.

For more information about the said work connect me on


Thank you 😊😊.

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