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Movie Review - Fighter

The film " Fighter" is a gripping action thriller that unfolds real-life incidents, specifically the terrorist attacks in Pulwama and the subsequent response by the Indian Air Force. Starring Hrithik Roshan as Shamsher Pathania aka "Patty", Deepika Padukone as Minal Rathore aka " Minni", and Anil Kapoor as Group Captain Rakesh Jai aka "Rocky", the film narrates the strong narrative with excellent performances and jaw-dropping action sequences.

The screenplay and story, co-written by Siddharth Anand and Raman Chibb, are the pillars of the film. The narrative seamlessly weaves through the events, providing the portrayal of challenges faced by the Indian Air Force. The screenplay is engaging and handled with impactful dialogues by Hussain Dalal and Abbas Dalal, which convey the ethics, ethos, and commanding atmosphere associated with the Indian Air Force.

Hrithik Roshan shines in the role of Shamsher Pathania, showing charm and power in each scene. His portrayal of Patty adds depth to the character, making him a standout in the film. Deepika Padukone delivers a noteworthy performance as Minal Rathore, bringing her character to life with more depth and authenticity. Anil Kapoor, in the role of Group Captain Rakesh Jai, impresses us with his proficient acting and powerful presence.

The film's action sequences, featuring fighter jets, planes, and Sukhoi jets, are spectacular. The diligent attention to detail and the working of Sachitra Paulose as Director of Photography results in stunning and pumping scenes. One particular shot, where two jets cross paths, stands out as the pinnacle point of the film's action sequences.

The film is not about actions; it also interlaces elements of emotions, love, care, patriotism, and family dynamics. The multiple narratives made it enough to engage the audience in the characters and the action scenes.

The film is produced by Mamta Anand, Raman Chibb, and Anku Pande under the banner of T-series, Prime Focus Studios, and Viamcom18 Studios. "Fighter" will stream on Netflix after its theatrical experience.

Overall, "Fighter" is a story that involves The Indian Air Force, their dedication, passion, and patriotism, which is shown through fantastic actions, outstanding performances, and brilliant stories. If you are a fan of Actions, fight sequels, and love Siddharth's Anand's films, this one is the one to watch for in theatres.

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