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Manas Wadhwa-A Entrepreneur with delicious dreams of Business

Updated: Aug 17, 2022

Hunt for the Best Amritsari Kulchas ends here! Bite into varied lip-smacking bread at "क se Kulcha” which will make you leave your calorie counting for a short while at least. Take a stroll around the food court in DLF Mall of India and amidst the hustle and bustle, you will explore aromas seeping out of the outlet which will make you want to indulge in the taste of kulchas loaded with butter. When it comes to taste, kulcha has no match. Bringing the spicy aroma, soft on the inside, and crisp on the outside, the bread is prepared in tandoor with different stuffings. When topped with butter and served with Punjabi chole and chutney, it makes one’s mouth watery. Born and brought from the streets of Amritsar but rules over the heart of every foodie. Let covid alone create no barriers to hygiene and keep your taste buds aloof from this absolute delicacy. Have it in breakfast or at day end this is one of its kind and a meal in itself. Complete your treat with fresh lemonade or desi lassi, Chhole Kulche is a soulful feast to satiate your cravings.

Absolute Determination and a ‘Will to Achieve’ is what characterizes Manas Wadhwa, Founder- of "क se Kulcha”, A college dropout, he has traveled a rough road to reach where he is today. From starting a trade fair to working in an event management company to a stint in a Call center, working in an MNC thereafter, and getting into Jet Airways as Cabin Crew, he never lost sight of his Goal and finally quit his secure well-paid job in Jet and opened Desi Vibes in 2005. Today besides Desi Vibes, Manas and his partner Varun (his jet-mate), most unassumingly own three other restaurants; Kaffiiaa- Italian Cafe, The Imperial Spice, and "क se Kulcha”.

Desi Vibes- Mughlai Indian, Kaffiaa- Italian, and K se Kulcha – a street food. How did this concept of bringing street food to DLF Mall of India come?

The importance of maintaining hygiene standards at a food counter cannot be stated enough. In the times of Coronavirus, safety standards and hygiene have become of utmost importance. Customers want to consume from a clean counter that serves hygienic food. Amidst covid and its dynamic temper people are inevitably missing finger-licking, spicy street food. Interestingly, K se Kulcha found the key to the stumbling block without weighing heavy on your pockets. Where 'Good Food | Healthy Food' comes along with the taste, the place is no other than K se Kulcha! Our object of the exercise is to bring the essence from the streets of India, the taste you can't impede right into your plate and in your slice of the budget, which is why we decided to have an outlet at a safe and innocuous place that gets to the bottom of hygiene issues and brings to you the mouth-watering, soul-full flavors of street food. Keeping this thought in mind K se kulcha was born, with almost 100 dishes to choose from, you don't have to stay aloof from your most liked street kulchas.

One of our Best Selling kulcha is the multigrain kulcha bread which is served along with delicious, smokey Punjabi-style chole. We also offer varieties of kulcha that are not just healthy and tasty but also rich in essential nutrients. Our field professionals, working behind the screen (in the kitchen) make sure to maintain a healthy balance of ingredients.

First and foremost, please spell out some key challenges in opening a new


Opening a new restaurant faces lots of challenges in different spheres. Choosing a good location, deciding upon the theme and ambiance. Deciding the positioning in the mind of customers are some of the Planning aspects. Then there are financial aspects, the capital required, etc, and the manpower aspects of hiring and training the staff. All these and many more are some of the key challenges while opening a restaurant.

Initially, when you started, were you expecting this kind of success?

When we started all we wanted were happy and satisfied customers because that was our measure of success. We did every bit to ensure that every customer who comes to Desi Vibes comes back to it again. it was this strategy only that made us multiply into 3 restaurants eventually.

What are your future plans?

Talking about future plans, being a first-generation company we have a very aggressive expansion idea. We are eagerly looking for business growth partners who would like to shake hands with us. We are mainly focusing on FOCO (Franchise Owned Company Operated) Model, where outlets will be operated by us, and investment is sought from a franchise partner. Furthermore, initially, we plan to focus on the Delhi NCR market only. We are in process of developing various formats of our outlets which could be further branched out into market-specific locations. In simple words, Kiosks for the food court in malls, full-service sit-down outlets for high streets market.

About Desi Vibes:

Desi Vibes lures the epicureans with mouth-watering food and age-old refreshing beverages. The vibes of desi culture, recreated and glamorized simply make food lovers come back for more.

A lot of attention has been paid to the décor details ranging from antique chairs of beaten wood, kancha & pebbles flooring, a small well in the center of the floor, mini cots, to a beautiful carved wooden tree with birds giving it a natural look. The walls are done with actual “Gobar laepa” and have “allas” displaying ethnic and antique buys. Another exclusive and of its kind feature of Desi Vibes is its ‘tables’. Each n every table in

Desi Vibes displays something unique and antique; from 300 years old Locks to the barood dani used in wars, from stamps of 18 th Century to coins of the Akbar era (1305), from priceless knives to beautiful supari cutters, you can see them all while enjoying your food. What’s even more admirable is that the history of everything is narrated in their Menu Card, so every page has a history of Items like Pan-Supari cutter, woodblock printing, revenue stamps, and whatever

is there in DESI VIBES. The food however still takes the centre stage. Like the décor, it’s rich in taste and is purely a gourmet delight. Presentation is done in terracotta flatware and copper dishes. Customers are served with welcome drinks in kullad teamed with pappad. Not to forget the 12 varieties of chutneys and aachars that are offered to the guests, the hot favorites being Brinjal and Apple ki chutney. The menu offers the best Punjabi and Mughlai fare.

About Kaffiiaa:

Kaffiiaa – an Italian Cafe Lounge in an array of visitors from all walks of life. The entire place has a combination of Italian mafia themes giving it an elegant, exclusive, and chic look all at once. The place has indoor and outdoor seating and each of the spaces is done well with a creative flair. You would love to sit on the stylish furniture and kick back for a couple of cups of coffee,

maybe browse one of the channels or just do some plain-old good eating. Since the place is Wi-Fi, there is Internet access for customers as well.

The gourmet coffee & refreshing smoothies are only the beginning of Kaffiiaa’s delectable selection and impressive menu. This café lounge serves Italian fare such as Tomato Basil Soup, BBQ Chicken Wings, Grilled Chicken Salad, Penne Arrabiatta, Chicken Lasagne, Thin Crust Pizzas, Grilled Breast of Chicken, and desserts including the gooey goodness of fresh cakes, pies, cookies, and muffins along with select appetizers. From jazz to acoustic music, gourmet coffee to chai, Kaffiiaa offers an enjoyable and worthwhile experience sure not to disappoint. The laid back eclectic atmosphere provides a place that is truly unique.

About Imperial Spice:

The Imperial Spice - A place where food becomes a Heartful Experience!

Food is not just about taste, it’s an Experience! An experience of all the five senses, taste, smell, sight, hear and touch.

At The Imperial Spice, we pride ourselves on exemplary hospitality and culinary expertise and bring to you eclectic modern cuisine with the best serving cocktails and food pairings.

Settle into a table and bask in our warm and welcoming hospitality. Order a bottle of wine from our extensive cellar that's specifically chosen to pair with the big and bold flavors created by our renowned chefs. A menu tailored to compliment Indian and International cuisine while introducing a hint of the exotic.

Celebrating the full spectrum of exquisite food and drinks, spectacular service, and elegant fine dining, at Imperial Spice we believe in giving our guests the perfect symphony of a complete meal!

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