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Major. Sandip Unnikrishnan- Saviour of 26/11 Attacks

Well, this movie is a biopic and it is damn too good. Sandip Unnikrishnan or we can say Late. Sandip Unnikrishnan, a boy who had his vision clear in any of his life decisions, takes a giant step to be in the army, with no army background.

This movie, directed by Sashi Kiran Tikka with a story and screenplay by Adivi Shesh, has totally not only entertained but made a remark to portray the life journey of Late Sandip Unnikrishnan in the theatres.

The role of Late Sandip Unnikrishnan played by Adivi Shesh lived the role. The actions, stunts, and reactions are perfectly shot, and no sign of a loop could be spotted. Through the role, we understand how passionate he was involved in that role which also makes him perfect in his homework on how, what, when, and why?

As cinematic liberty, there are some scenes that may feel of no use, but then it all makes up a great scene on camera.

The role of Sai Manjekar, aka Isha Agarwal, just adds some romantic scenes which also include support from her in college days in preparations for the army/navy/airforce.

As we always see and say, the most important person in our life is our parents. If all the world stands opposite to us, we have our parent's back at all times. This same is shown here.

Sandip's parents always have his back. Though they didn't like his decision of being in the army they, at last, supported him till end.

Prakash Raj playing his father suits the character and has a graph of mixed emotions. His mother played by Revathi also has a stable character, with no extra additions to her role.

The cinematography by Vamsi Patchipulusu has made the movie crisp and effective to watch.

There are few films based on the 26/11 and Taj Attacks, but this movie, not only described the loss of soldiers but also the aggressive nature of the army too, which results in a positive way.

Well, we can see the movie more than one time, and producers like Mahesh Babu, Namrata Shirodkar, Anurah Reddy, and Sharath Chandra have made a good decision to have this movie on board.

With an IMDb rating of 8.2/10, it is streaming on Netflix, do watch.


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