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LOST- The Title Says A Lot

After a lot of days ,I am back with an interesting film, and excited to write a review about it. A film released on Zee5 , starring Yami Gautam in lead , has a lot to say to the bollywood , with interesting plotline and excellent screenplay.

An investigation in lands of Kolkata , leads Vidhi Sahani aka Yami to make sure she solves this permenantly with help of her profession , Journalist.

shan Bhartii aka Tushar Pandey is missing and Vidhi sets a target to find the truth behind this missing with numerous links to the missing case. There are different characters with different perspectives and yet all of them seem to be correct at their point of view, and we fall in a confused state of what exactly the movie is heading too, which gets cleared slowly.

Talking about the technical part , the BGM keeps us engaging with a suspense atmosphere , and a tight screenplay holds us to watch the movie . The dialogues are bang on .

Talking about the characters , Yami Gautam after A Wednesday have maintained the character quality of being in serious role , which she has carried fearlessly. An investigative mind , approaches all possiblity of every aspect of any case , and this quality of her character which she has graced in her maximum level. To support her , Neil Bhoopalam aka Jeet , defines a cute understanding simple affection , and just add a sweetness to the movie.

Another important character upon which the film takes a twist is Piaa Bhajpai aka Ankita Chowdhary. She has a suspense , drama , a hidden truth of a very dark side , which eventuallly gets revelead , but her character blows our mind as she jumps from her motive as the audience would see , but the truth is totally different and yet to come infront of invovled people.

The graph of suspense and the twists is fast paced with a mix of political touch which the director has made smartly. The story Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury (story by) , Shyamal Sengupta

( screenplay) , Ritesh Shah (dialogue by) made the movie a worth watchable.

Moreover a Zee Studios film, is suspense thriller which engages you , keeps indulging you in the story and makes you think of the real truth behind the story.

The typical bengali essence touch to the movie by the lyrics of Swanand Kirkire indulges you to get carried , and fall in the love of the struggle of finding truth. The supporting cast of Pankaj Kapoor and Rahul Khanna does makes a definate purpose to bing watch the film .

To watch the film :

While it is rated 6.1/10 on IMDb.

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