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Last Film Show- Passionate for films

A oscar winner film ,Asian World Film Festival in Los Angeles, Tiantian Award [Nominee]

Best Film, Best Feature Film - Avant-Garde and Genre [Nominee]

Pan Nalin , and many more.

Writer-director Pan Nalin and producer Dheer Momaya were presented with the Snow Leopard trophy at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. with a great cast , tight screenplay and more than anything else , emotions directed by Pan Nalin , is here to entertain us.

The story of the film , is straight and simple. A boy name Samay, aka Bhavin Rabari has given the best act of his life. It is about the love and attraction towards the films and the magic behind how film is made actually, and released in theatres.

We see a magic happening around while watching this movie. We tend to understand the purpose of Samay's life and struggle to understand cinema and its madness for movies. Especially at a very young age , he gets invovled in cinemas in such a way , where he couldnt attend the classes and also got scolded for being absent.

Mainly, the exposure and understanding of what exactly cinema is and the perfect example of a cinema lover, is this movie.

The name , LAST FILM SHOW , is a very perfect title and the climax of the movie , literally brings tears in eyes.

RIcha Meena as Baa , is supportive and a best cook . The shots taken while cooking food made the cinematograpy more clearer and smarter. Her supportive nature for Samay , and the passion towards cooking is another example of acheiving the goals and take responsibility.

Bhavesh Shrimali , also has a supportiv nature as a character and makes sure he gets a tiffin from Samay time to time.

Dipen Raval as Mr. Trivedi , also made the movie to interesting to watch.

A production by Roy Kapoor films made it a point to reach maximum audience and make the movie larger than life.

Overall , a fantastic film , with some national awards is here , to let us learn and understand many things about life.

It is rated 7.8/10 on IMDb. Do watch.

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